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High-Def / DVD Gallery -- OLD

Trends and Sample Products (older equipment)

    by Douglas Dixon

CD / DVD Accessories
    HD / Disc Media
    Printable Media
    Disc Printers

See the High-Def / DVD Gallery
     CD, DVD, Blu-ray, HD DVD, Optical disc trends

  The 2000s Mobile Digital Revolution:
        Cell Phones to Smartphones, Walkman to Media Players, CD to Flash to Web Services

  Historical perspective on some interesting technology and trends in digital home media.
  They include some sample products illustrating these trends.
  Information and pricing are summarized from public sources as of when they were added,
  and may be incorrect or out of date.

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Set-top CE Players (OLD - First generation)

  • First-generation set-top players for both formats released in the first half of 2006
  • First products are playback-only: no set-top recorders in U.S.

LG Electronics - "Super Multi Blue"

        LG "Super Multi Blue"

  • LG BH100 "Super Multi Blue" Player - $1,199 (U.S. Q1 07)
        Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD
        Full HD 1080p
        Blu-ray: BD-Java advanced interactive functions, advanced menus
        HD DVD: Not advanced menu interactivity
        MPEG-2, VC-1, H.264 video, MPEG1/2 audio
        Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital+, DTS and DTS-HD audio
        HDMI out, component/composite video out, optical/coaxial/discrete 5.1 channel audio out


Blu-ray -- Set-top CE Players (OLD)

Sony BDP-S1


  • Full HD 1080p Video Output through HDMI connection
  • DVD Upscaling to 1080p
  • 1/07 - Firmware upgrade 1.50 - Improves BD-Java compatibility
        Enhances playback compatibility with certain BD-ROM format discs
        Corrects Linear PCM 5.1 output over HDMI
  • 1/07 - $999

Samsung BD-P1000 Blu-ray player  (6/06)



  • Panasonic DMP-BD10
  • Philips BDP9000
  • Pioneer BDP-HD1
  • Sharp - DV-BP1U BD player 2Q $1199

HD DVD -- Set-top CE Players (OLD)


  • 1/08 - HD-A3 $149 , HD-A30 $199 , top of the line HD-A35 $299
  • [ Toshiba HD-A1 HD DVD player ~ $499 (4/06) - first, aggressive price ]
  • Toshiba HD-XA1 HD DVD player ~ $799 (4/06)
  • Toshiba HD-A2 HD DVD player- entry level - $499 (10/06)
        HDMI 720p or 1080i, Play DVD and CD
  • Toshiba HD-A20 HD DVD player - $599 (Spring 07)
        HDMI 720p, 1080i or 1080p, Play DVD and CD
  • Toshiba HD-XA2 HD DVD player - top of the line - $999 (12/06)
        HDMI 1.3, 720p, 1080i or 1080p, Play DVD and CD, Deep Color output, user picture setting

         Toshiba HD-A1


PC Drives / Burners

  • Originally for data backup
  • Can't play back HD discs on any old PC
  • Full HD playback requires significant upgrades or a new system
        Need good performance, updated drivers for HD decoding
        Need secure digital connection (HDMI) 
            with hardware support in both video card and display

LG Electronics - "Super Multi Blue" (OLD)

  • LG GGW-H10N 'Super Multi Blue' Blu-ray Rewriter & HD DVD-ROM Drive - $1,199 (Q1 07)
        Blu-ray write/playback, HD DVD playback, DVD/CD write/playback; SATA?
        Blu-ray 4x recording, SL 25 GB in 24 min

Blu-ray -- PC Drives / Burners (OLD)

  • Pioneer - BDR-101A internal Blu-ray Burner - no CD
  • Panasonic - SW-5582-C internal Blu-ray burner,  DE, DL, $870
  • LiteOn - LH-2B1S internal Blu-ray burner, SATA
  • Sony - BWU-100A Blu-ray burner, DL, DVD+/-, +DL, $700
  • Samsung - SH-B022 BD Burner - DVD and CD read not write 
  • BenQ - BW1000 BD Burner - internal and external, DVD & CD, 2x BD
  • Philips - SPD7000 BD Burner
  • Hitachi - GBW-H10N Blu-ray / DVD / CD read/write - Blu-ray 4x

LaCie d2 External Blu-ray Drive - $1,149 (2/07)

  • USB 2.0 & FireWire
  • BD (Blu-ray) 2x / DVD / CD writer in one drive

        LaCie d2

HP bd135 Blu-ray Disc Writer (spring 07)

  • Burn BD-R, BD-RW (2x, DL), DVD and CD discs

HD DVD -- PC Drives / Burners (OLD)

Toshiba SD-L902A HD DVD Slim Writer - OEM notebooks (10/06)

Toshiba SD-H903A HD DVD Desktop Writer - first half-height, SATA (2/07)

  • Read and write support for legacy CD and DVD formats, 1X HD DVD
  • Single and double layer (30 GB)

Hewlett-Packard hd100 External HD DVD-ROM (~ 1/07) ~ $499

  • USB 2.0
  • HD DVD-ROM 2.4x, DVD±R/±RW and ±R double-layer read capability

        HP hd100


HD Disc Player and Authoring Software (OLD)

    See DVD Authoring Software Gallery

HD Disc Players

    See DVD Authoring Software Gallery

CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra -- Blu-ray and HD DVD

  • Also plays from folder, DVD
  • Also AVCHD

Corel (InterVideo) WinDVD 9 -- Blu-ray and HD DVD

  • HD upgrade -- Blu-ray and HD DVD
  • 1/07 - AVCHD certification
  • Play Standard and Advanced Content (HDi) HD DVD titles
  • 1/07 - supports playback of rewriteable Blu-ray Discs 
        BD-RE 3.0 (BDMV on BD-RE), BD-R 2.0 (BDMV format BD-R), BD-ROM discs

ArcSoft TotalMedia Extreme -- Blu-ray and HD DVD

  • High definition, full resolution playback of BD-AV, BD-MV, BD-J, HD DVD, AVCHD, DVD
  • Advanced video decoding, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC, VC-1 (SMPTE 421M) codecs
  • Next generation Blu-ray and HD DVD audio format support
  • Playback of protected content (CPRM, AACS, and BD+)

HD Disc Authoring Tools (OLD)

    See DVD Authoring Software Gallery

CyberLink PowerProducer 4 -- Blu-ray clips and HD DVD menus

  • Blu-ray - BDAV 2.0 (no menus), burn to disc only
  • HD DVD - with menus, to HD DVD, DVD, folder

Pinnacle HD DVD Authoring Pack -- HD DVD menus

  • HD DVD format movie discs complete with menus
  • Combine of HD and SD footage
  • Burn to HD DVD or DVD -- Both play on set-top CE players, $49.99

Nero 7 Ultra Edition Enhanced -- Blu-ray & HD DVD data burning

  • Blu-ray & HD DVD Disc Data Recording

Roxio (Sonic) MyDVD 9  - Blu-ray clips

  • Author and burn Blu-ray (BDAV, no menus)

Roxio (Sonic) DVDit Pro HD -- Blu-ray menus

  • Author and burn Blu-ray (BDMV, no menus)

Ulead DVD MovieFactory Studio Pro Edition

  • Burn to HD DVD-R

Accessories: Trends in HD / Disc Media

    See Hard Coat Protection for Recordable Discs (6/05)
    See "DVD Rot" / DVD Longevity and Reliability (9/03)

PC Drives / Burners

  • Originally for data backup
  • Can't play back HD discs on any old PC
  • Full HD playback requires significant upgrades or a new system
        Need good performance, updated drivers for HD decoding
        Need secure digital connection (HDMI) 
            with hardware support in both video card and display

Dual-Layer DVD Media

  • Verbatim 8X DVD+RW burn an entire 4.7GB disc in about 7 minutes
  • Small Verbatim Mini DVD+R DL coaster-size DVDs (around 3 inches or 8 cm) 
  • Double-layer capacity (2.6 GB)
  • DVD camcorders can record 1 hour of video at reasonable quality.  

Blu-ray -- Disc Media

    See Multi-Layer High-Def DVD Technology -- Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD (10/05)

  • Media: Verbatim, TDK, Sony, Ritek, Panasonic, LG, HP, Maxell, Memorex, Rioch  
  • BD-R single layer 25 GB ~ $20,  BD-RE 25GB $25
  • dual layer 50GB ~ $40-$50

Verbatim UltraLife Gold Archival Grade DVD-R and CD-R Media


  • Proprietary dual reflective layer technology
  • Gold layer protects data from corrosion, maximizes disc lifetime
  • Silver layer delivers broad read/write compatibility with high reflectivity
  • Hard coating protects recording surface against scratches and rough handling
  • Patented Verbatim azo dye technology
  • 5 pack jewel case or 50-pack spindle.
  • 1/09 - DVD-R 4.7 GB / 8X 5-pack - $15 list, $9 street. 
  • 1/09 - CD-R 700 MB / 52X 5-pack - $16 list, $8 street
Find the Verbatim Archival DVD-R and
     Verbatim Archival CD-Ron


Memorex SimpleSave Photo and Video Back-Up DVDs (6/08)   

    SimpleSave software

  • Automatic, all-in-one back-up for photos from PC to DVD disc
  • Optical disc with recording media plus pre-recorded software
        Each disc has 4.5GB of capacity, to back up some 2,200 photos
  • Insert SimpleSave disc into PC's DVD drive
        Back-up software launches automatically from the disc, no install
        Automatically find, organize and back up photos or music
        Saves selected file types from PC to the same SimpleSave disc
        When disc is full, software prompts to insert another disc
  • No additional software or recording media required, no configuring
        Use advanced options to select  file types to be located and saved
  • Future: music - 1,000 songs per disc?
  • 9/08 - 5-pack $14.99
  • Product -
  • PR 1/08 (old) -
Find the Memorex SimpleSave on

Verbatim PhotoSave DVD  (10/08)    


  • Backup and archive up photos stored on your PC or digital camera/flash media
  • "Self-Recordable Media" -- Recordable DVD-R disc with integrated software
  • No software to install -- launches automatically direct from DVD disc
  • Searches and stores over 80 different types of photo and video files
  • Automatic photo search, or customized
  • Burn multiple times to add additional photos until disc is full
  • Multi-disc spanning for large collections of files
  • 4.5 GB per disc - Up to 2,000 photos (at 2 MB JPEG)
  • 10/08 - 3 pack $9.99, 5-pack $14.99
  • Product -
  • PR - 9/08 -

Printable Media

    Water Resistant, Hard Coat 

Water Resistant Surfaces

  • Inkjet printable CDs and DVDs, water- and smear-resistant
  • Great print quality with instantaneous drying
  • Handle directly from the printer

Imation AquaGuard  printable discs

  • Nanoparticle technologysurface  to grip and hold ink, lock printed images in place
  • Very white surface for better color reproduction and more brilliant images
  • Also is offered by Primera inkjet-based disc duplication and printing equipment,

Hard Coat Surfaces

  • Hard coat surfaces resist scratching and are easier to clean by just wiping with a cloth
  • Originally developed for the new high-def DVD formats
  • Now available for DVD and CD
  • Memorex DuraLayer

Imation - ForceField Scratch Resistant Coating 

Maxell - MAXPRO Hardcoat 

  • 40 times more scratch resistant and 20 times more dust resistant than standard DVD media
  • ultra-reliable, high-quality, propriety dye further ensures data integrity and longevity
  • up to two times longer archival and storage life

TDK - DURABIS Coating 

Verbatim - VideoGard

LightScribe Media

  • Flip over the disc in the drive tray
  • Uses laser to write the label.
  • Not printing in color, result is a sepia effect.
  • Verbatim LightScribe CDs and DVDs 
        gold-background coating that enables up to 30 percent faster label printing
        vibrant jewel-toned background colors, yellow, green, orange


Accessories: Disc Printers

DYMO - DiscPainter CD/DVD Printer (10/07)   


  • Full-color, high quality printing directly on inkjet printable discs in minutes
  • RadialPrint Technology prints as disc spins, from edge to hub
  • Prints on all inkjet-printable CDs, DVDs (full sized, 120 mm), and mini discs (80 mm)
  • Prints on full-coverage / hub-printable discs (to inner edge of center hole)
        and non hub-printable discs (larger unprintable inner plastic ring)
  • Print speed from 30 seconds (simple text/design, Fast mode)
        to 3 minutes (more complex design, Best quality)
  • Recommend glossy inkjet-printable or water-resistant inkjet-printable discs
        Glossy discs have a lustrous, shiny surface, often water-resistant
        Matte discs have a dull, flat surface, with softened appearance
  • DiscPainter printer software for Mac or PC - Select as print driver
        Print from any application, such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop
        Set paper size to match size of disc, margins 0
            Standard (120 mm, 4.7") disc, paper size 120 mm wide x 120 mm high
            Mini (80 mm, 3.15") disc, paper size 80 mm wide x 80 mm high.
  • Includes Discus for DYMO software for creating disc designs

            Print properties

  • Print Quality/Speed: 
        Fast/Draft 600 dpi (two nozzle passes) -- good for simple text
        Normal 600 dpi (eight nozzle passes)
        Best 1200 dpi (eight nozzle passes)
  • Ink Density: 1 - 5 for matte discs, 6 & 7 for glossy
        8 & 9 for colored (non-white) discs such as silver inkjet printable
  • Single Ink Cartridge system in full color - DYMO part number 1738252
        Prints about 100 discs with one cartridge (Normal quality, ink density 5)
        Ink status light: yellow when ink level below 20%, red below 5%
  • 4.33" H x 10.62" L x 5.71" W (110 mm x 270 mm x 145 mm), 2.65 lbs (1.2 kg)
  • DYMO is a unit of Newell Rubbermaid
  • 10/08 - $249 street, cartridge $38; 12/07 - $279; Cartridge $49 -> $40
  • See DYMO website for tutorials and videos

     Find the DYMO DiscPainter on

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