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Consumer HDTV Gallery - OLD

       High-Definition TV / Video Projectors (older equipment)

See the Home Networked Media Gallery

    by Douglas Dixon

  The 2000s Mobile Digital Revolution:
        Cell Phones to Smartphones, Walkman to Media Players, CD to Flash to Web Services

  Historical perspective on some interesting technology and trends in digital home media.
  They include some sample products illustrating these trends.
  Information and pricing are summarized from public sources as of when they were added,
  and may be incorrect or out of date.


Digital TV Trends
    CES 2010 - 3D TV, Internet TV
    Digital TV / Analog Sunset - Feb. 17, 2009
    Style, thin, "Full HD," enhancement, connectivity
Digital TV Technology
Display Issues - Viewing distance, resolution, scaling, cables - HDMI
    Display Technologies
    3D TV - Technology and Product Deployment
    Display Interfaces - HDMI
Sample HDTV Products
    Yahoo Connected TV - TV Widgets
Video Projectors - Handheld

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Digital TV Trends

Trends - CES 2010 - 3D TV, Internet TV

 3D TV
  • Big push at CES 2010 - LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba
  • CEA projects 3D TV will be over a quarter of TV sets sold by 2013
    • 3D popular: Over 27% of U.S. adults saw 3D movie or event in 2009
  • 3D TV products in 2010 - 3D TV (with glasses), "3D ready"
  • Content will be driven by Blu-ray and cable boxes, not broadcast (yet)
  • Requires glasses - Focused, not casual viewing
  • Event-driven, but not 10's of glasses for large party
  • But : Consumer upgrade fatigue: Digital transition / HDTV
    • Blu-ray / high-def DVD "format war" collateral damage
  • Industry sees ramped adaption like HDTV and DVD
    • Not mass-market push like Blu-ray
    • Hopefully not like enthusiast niche like DVD-Audio and SACD

  Sony booth at CES 2010

Internet TV
  • Display connects directly online
  • Pop up information like news and weather,
  • Directly access streaming video and audio services
    • Netflix movies, YouTube videos, Pandora radio, Skype phone calls
  • Battle to become home media hub
    • Store, access, sell content and connected services
    • TV, Blu-ray player, cable box, game system (Sony PS3, Microsoft Xbox 360)

HDTV / Display Trends - Holiday 2009

  • Brighter, contrast: LED backlight
  • Thin, Emphasis on design: Invisible speakers
  • Full HD: 1080p (full 1920 x 1080 progressive)
  • Fast motion: Frame doubling 120 Hz, motion interpolation
  • Connected TVs: Web, widgets; Play from networked devices; PC on TV - - Yahoo Widgets
  • Soon: OLED LED (Organic Light Emitting Diode)
  • Futures: 3D TV
  • Handheld projectors - Pico / mobile - 3M MPro120 Pocket Projector

Trends - Q1 2009

  • Analog sunset February 18, 2009, stop analog broadcasting
  • Big-screen, widescreen TVs (40 inch and above)
  • Connected Internet and Home Entertainment - Yahoo Connected TV - TV Widgets, BD-Live, DLNA
  • Thinner TVs - Hang like frames - 
        JVC future ultra-slim TV,  7mm thick, 5 kg (11 lps), hang from magnetic plate
  • Backlight: Sony  Wide color gamut cold cathode fluorescent backlight (WCG-CCFL)
  • 240Hz motion - Sony Motionflow
        Crisp and detailed fast motion sports and movie action scenes
        Quadruples frame rate of conventional LCD televisions, interpolates three new frames
  • Green TVs (Sony) -Reduce power consumption more than 40%, Exceed Energy Star 3.0 requirements
  • 3D HDTV
  • Wireless video - DisplayLink
  • Unified remotes - Logitech, Audiovox 
  • Flat antenna for digital / HDTV - Audiovox
  • Home Theatre in a Box (HTIB) - 2.1, sound bars, wireless sub

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Digital TV / "Analog Sunset" - Feb. 17, 2009

  • Over-the-air analog television broadcasts will be turned off on February 17, 2009
        Only changes for over-the-air broadcasts received with an antenna, not cable or satellite TV
  • Receiving digital TV broadcasts will require a recent TV set with a DTV-ready tuner, 
        or an external DTV converter box connected to an older analog TV set
  • All television equipment sold after May 25, 2007 should contain a digital tuner (or be labeled correctly)
  • Federal government issuing up to two $40 coupons to each household for converter boxes


  • FCC - Digital TV Transition
  • FCC Consumer Facts - Digital TV
  • Digital TV Converter Box Program
        National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA)
  • DTV Answers - NAB DTV transition campaign (National Association of Broadcasters)
  • AntennaWeb - Locate antenna to receive local television broadcast channels
        Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and National Association of Broadcasters (NAB)

Digital TV Trends - 2008

Flat-screen TVs are hot with consumers, and have finally reached "Full HD" resolution. 
But there's still major improvements coming in size, design, picture quality, and connectivity -- as well as the new OLED displays. 
Or is the future actually in mobile TV on smaller screens?

        Philips 7600

  • Display: LCD / plasma, Projection
  • Size: Panasonic 150"
  • Emphasis on design: Thin, invisible speakers, wireless HD
        Narrow bezel - Toshiba REGZA XF550 - 0.9"
        < 1", Philips "Art of seduction", Samsung Touch of Color
  • Full HD: 1080p (full 1920 x 1080 progressive)
        Limited content sources
  • LCD fast motion
        Frame doubling 120 Hz, motion interpolation (JVC, Samsung)
        Scan LED backlight (Samsung)
  • Picture enhancement: Brightness, contrast, detail, color -- contrast ratio
        Pioneer KURO pure black
  • Connected TVs: Play from networked devices, PC on TV
        Samsung IPTV / RSS feeds in windows
  • OLED LED (Organic Light Emitting Diode)
        Sony 11" TV, 27" prototype

External Interfaces

  • Memory card / USB slots: Media host for photo slide shows, music
  • Network interfaces: Display content from other devices in the home
  • Cable integration: OCAP (open cable application platform) 
        multistream CableCARD, interactive
  • Multiple HDMI inputs: More HD sources
  • LG Simple Link: Control additional components over HDMI
  • Integrated DVR: LG 50PY2DR -- 50" Plasma, $4699 (1/07)

Sales -- 11/08

11/08 - DisplaySearch / NPD - Preliminary Q3'08 North America TV Results Show Growth

  • North America flat panel TV shipments (plasma and LCD) growth slowing, only 21% Y/Y
        growth in previous six quarters was at least 41% Y/Y, most over 50%
  • Unit shipments from manufacturers to retailers more than 10M units, grew 6% Q/Q, almost 12% Y/Y
  • LCD and plasma TV shipments grew 21% and 20% Y/Y, rear projection declined more than 50% Y/Y
  • CRT TVs not falling as rapidly as expected
        very price conscious consumers looking for a new digital TV ahead of end to analog TV broadcasts
  • LCD TV shipments almost 8M units, up 21% Y/Y, 6% Q/Q
        32" LCD TV again most popular size, pricing below $500, 2.4M units, up15% Q/Q
        Smaller sizes <40" up 7% Q/Q, 40"+ up 3%
  • Plasma TV shipments over 1M units, up 20% Y/Y
        Re-introduction of 32" sizes, sub-$1000 for 42" HD, 50" HD approached $1000

11/08 - Leading flat-panel TV manufacturers

  • Combined Flat-panel TV: Samsung 19.4%, Sony 12.3%, Sharp 9.0%, Vizio 9.0%, LGE 8.0%
        Samsung #1 overall, #1 in LCD (19%) and rear projection TV, #2 in plasma (24%), #3 in CRT TV  
        Sony and Sharp sell only LCD TVs for consumers
  • LCD TV: Samsung 18.8%, Sony 13.9%, Sharp 10.2%, Funai 8.5%, Vizio 8.4%
  • Plasma TV: Panasonic 31.2%, Samsung 24.2%, Vizio 25.1%, LGE 10.7%, Sanyo 3.2%

Pricing -- 1/07

  • 15/20" LCD $300 - SD, not HD
  • 26" LCD, 720p HD,  $800 - $1000
  • 32" LCD $1000
  • 37" LCD $1000 - $2000
  • 40/42"" LCD $1500 - $3800. from 1080i to 1080p, HDMI
  • 42" Plasma $1500 - $2800
  • 50/58" Plasma $2200 - $5000
  • Holiday 2006:  Philips 47" 1080p LCD $2,999, 63" plasma $5,999


Digital TV Technology

Display Issues

Room Size - Viewing distance

  • Need larger space for viewing distance to appreciate large displays
  • Not so close as to see the dots on the screen
  • Not so far back to lose immersion experience from picture filling the field of view
  • Viewing distance should be three times the height of the screen
        - 40" screen around 5 to 10 feet
        - 60" screen around 7 to 15 feet
  • For normal TV viewing distances (8-10 feet)
        - Need ~ 42" screen to see improved quality of 720p (beyond 480)
        - Need ~ 60" screen to see improved quality of 1080p


  • Not all digital televisions are high-definition
  • Not all flat-panel displays are high-definition
  • HDTV is broadcast in two main resolutions: 
        - 720p  (1280 x 720, progressive) 
        - 1080i (1920 x 1080, interlaced)
  • HDTV is 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio
  • Smaller LCD displays may be SD (standard definition), at much lower 640 x 480 resolution (old PC VGA)
        or EDTV (extended definition), at 1024 x 768 (small even for today's laptops)


  • Multiple digital TV formats, need scaling to match source to physical display 
        Resolution, frame rate, and interlaced / progressive
  • Scale the input picture format to native resolution of display, actual pixels
  • Convert between interlaced and progressive formats -- fields and frames
  • Convert 24 fps film material (inverse telecine), 
        30 fps progressive, 60 fps interlaced (deinterlace)
  • May squish or stretch the signal, frame in black to keep the correct aspect ratio
  • High-end theater systems use separate scaling units


  • Actual display (flat panel) is being decoupled from TV tuner and speakers
  • Signals arrive through alternative paths -- off-air, cable, satellite, fiber, DVD, Internet.
  • Each path may require a separate box (with its own digital video recorder), provide different kinds of signal
  • High-quality video and surround-sound audio can require dedicated cabling for each component

Display Technologies

LCD -- Liquid Crystal Displays

  • Lower prices from mass production for both computer and TV displays,
  • Choice for smaller display sizes -- up to around 40 - 50 inches
  • Thinner and lighter
  • Improved black level and viewing angle
  • Improving fast motion: 
  • Good for bright room
  • Sharp: 65" LCD, CES 05 -- Sharp: 108" LCD, CES 07
  • LG: 100" LCD, CES 07

Plasma Screens 

  • Dominant for larger screen sizes -- beyond 40 inches to 50 to 60 inches
  • Accurate color reproduction
  • Wide contrast range, 3000:1 contrast ratio
  • Deep black level, movies (Pioneer CES 07)
  • Minimal blurring of motion, sports, rivals CRT
  • Wide viewing angle, family, approaching 160 degrees
  • Old burn-in problems resolved
  • Panasonic: 103" plasma, CES 06
  • Plasma Display Coalition: Hitachi, LG Electronics, Panasonic, Pioneer, Samsung

Rear-Projection Displays

  • Getting flatter, less bulky
  • DLP, LCD, and LCOS technology instead of CRTs

Front Projection Displays

  • Developing option for large screen home theater
  • Smaller, brighter projectors
  • Better, more reflective screens

3D TV - Technology and Product Deployment

  • See article: 3D - The Next Dimension
        Part 1 - Seeing 3D: Market, Technology, Formats
        Part 2 - Using 3D: Products, Shooting, Editing

Sony BRAVIA 3D HDTVs - Holiday 2010

BRAVIA 3D HDTV - 40, 46, 52, 55, 60 in. displays
  • 40" BRAVIA HX800 Series 3D HDTV
    • Full HD 1080p with 3D (3D ready)
    • Dynamic Edge LED backlight, Motionflow PRO 240Hz refresh
    • BRAVIA Internet Video, DLNA Certified
    • 37 1/2 x 24 1/4 x 9 7/8 in. (952 x 613 x 250 mm),
         36.2 lbs. (16.4kg) with pedestal
    • 11/10 - $2099 -> reduced - $1349 (Model KDL-40HX800)
  • 60" BRAVIA LX900 Series 3D HDTV
    • Full HD 1080p with 3D built-in (active glasses included)
    • Edge LED backlit, Motionflow PRO 240Hz refresh
    • BRAVIA Internet Video/Widgets, built-in Wi-Fi
    • 56 3/4 x 37 x 15 in. (1440 x 938 x 380 mm),
         109.7 lbs. (49.8kg) with pedestal
    • 11/10 - $4999 -> reduced $4499 (Model XBR-60LX900)


Sony 3D Accessories
  • 3D Active Glasses [Standard and Small Sizes] - $149
    • Adjustable frames for customized fit
    • Block out distracting room light
    • Battery up to 100 hours (TDG-BR100/B)
  • 3D Sync Transmitter - $49
    • Delivers strong 3D signal for wider viewing and minimized interference (TMR-BR100)
  • 3D Deluxe Starter Kit - $399
    • Two pairs of 3D active glasses, 3D sync transmitter
    • Disney Alice in Wonderland 3D Blu-ray Disc, 6'4" HDMI cable
    • $ 399 (3DBNDL/ALICE)

Find the Sony 40" BRAVIA HX800 3D HDTV and
Sony 3D Deluxe Starter Kit on


Sample HDTV Products

Yahoo-Connected-TV - TV Widgets (CES 2009)


  • Brings popular Internet services, information, community and online media to television viewers
  • Cinematic Internet - combining the Internet's choice, community, and personalization with the power of television
  • TV Widgets - Interactive applications over the Internet built in to consumer electronic devices
  • Powered by Yahoo! Widget Engine
  • Interact with Internet content  that complement your TV viewing
        Track sports, watch financials, read blogs, share photos, go shopping, play games, view movies or web videos
  • Internet-connected TV sets from Samsung, Sony, LG Electronics, VIZIO available as early as spring 2009
  • Partners AT&T, Apple, TiVo, Intel
  • News, traffic, weather updates 
  • Content from Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Weather, Yahoo! Video, Yahoo! Finance, Flickr
        eBay, MySpace, CBS, The New York Times, Netflix, Amazon, Blockbuster, Showtime, USA TODAY, Twitter
  • Widget Channel joint initiative from Yahoo! and Intel to foster innovation in the connected TV space (8/09)
        Released Widget Development Kit (WDK) 1/09
        Industry standard tools, including JAVASCRIPT(R), XML and HTML
        Based on Konfabulator widget platform for PC, re-engineered for CE devices and
  • PR 1/09 -



Panasonic 150-inch plasma prototype (CES 1/08)


  • 8.84 million pixel resolution (2,160 x 4,096)
        more than four times 1080p HD specification (1,080 x 1,920)
  • screen size equivalent to nine 50-inch PDPs 
  • effective viewing area of 11 ft (3.31 m) (W) x 6 1/4 ft (1.87 m) (H).
  • same brightness as 103-inch PDP
  • press release

Panasonic 50-inch thin plasma prototype (CES 1/08)

  • super-thin 50-inch Plasma TV, 24.7mm (less than one inch) 
        one-fourth as thin as previous plasma TVs
  • weighs 22 kg, half the weight of previous models
  • "Wireless HD


Philips Design Collection  (CES 1/08)

        Philips 7600

Holistic and iconic design across complete home entertainment range

In the past, home entertainment solutions were boxes and devices providing consumers with an entertainment experience. What used to be a consumer electronic device is now a signature piece of furniture that helps define personal style and space.

At the core of the Philips Design Collection are the innovative and state-of-the art designs taking once-familiar objects and giving them a new sense of intimacy. The design language has moved away from a 'masculine technology box' to a smoother, more feminine approach that integrates seamlessly into the home environment.

"With this Design Collection, being minimalist, emotional and recognizable, we've created a solution that focuses on the consumer's needs to deliver simple and meaningful fulfillment. We have brought a new sense of elegance, innovation and sophistication to consumer products not yet seen in the consumer electronics sector."


Philips Ambilight Flat-Panel TVs

  • Soft light glow that creates a unique ambiance in the room, can promote more relaxed TV viewing
  • Flat-panel TVs use multicolor lights behind the edges of the display 
  • Cast color around the display, change with the picture to duplicate the colors being displayed on-screen


JVC Ultra-Slim Demo (CES 1/09)

  • JVC future ultra-slim TV,  7mm thick, 5 kg (11 lps), hang from magnetic plate

JVC super-slim Full HD TVs 

  • Thinnest LCD TVs with built-in tuners, thinner bezel
  • Weigh less and consume less power than conventional LCD TVs
  • Cabinet that across most of width measures 1.5" deep (39 mm) 
        Maximum depth 2.9" (74mm) at panel's center
  • New slim LCD panel backlight unit is 0.79 inches (20mm) deep and 0.51 inches (13mm) wide
        40% smaller in depth and bezel width compared to a conventional LCD backlight
        Weighs only 26.4 lbs (12kg), consumes a mere 145W.
  • 42" LT-42SL89 and 46"  LT-46SL89, both 1920 x 1080p, available early summer 2008

JVC LCD TVs with a built-in iPod dock  (CES 1/08)

  • TeleDock flip-down iPod dock at the base of the set
  • Direct connection for playback through the TV

LG Electronics

  • 42-inch Plasma HDTV w/ OCAP (42PC1DN)
  • LG 50PY2DR -- 50" Plasma Integrated HDTV / Built-in DVR : $4699

LG - Calibration (CES 1/08)

  • LG LCD HDTVs - Intelligent Sensor, automatically adjusts picture based on room lighting conditions
        Senses brightness and color characteristics of light, adjusts several picture settings
  • Content specific A/V Modes to adjust picture and audio quality 
        Three pre-set modes, cinema, game and sports
  • LG Expert Mode to perform detailed calibrations
        Professional-grade Image Science Foundation customized calibration configuration (ISFccc)
        On all 1080p LCD and plasma HDTVs
  • PG60 series plasma HDTVs received THX Display Certification


Project KURO - Extreme contrast  (CES 1/08)

Project KURO - Advanced design concept  (CES 1/08)

  • 9 mm thick - the world's thinnest in 50-inch class
  • Extremely light weight of 18.6 kg / 41 lbs


Samsung  Series 7 - Touch Of Color  (CES 1/08)

  • Elegant new TOC design (Touch Of Color
  • New molding technology, clean, smooth finish infused with a hint of color
  • Available April 2008: 50, 58, 63 inches

Samsung Series 7 LCD TVs with GalleryPlayer  (CES 1/08)

  • HD Lifestyle Imagery - rights-protected, high definition imagery
  • 45 content partners, Metropolitan Museum of Art, National Geographic, Getty Images, The New York Times

Samsung Series 4 plasma HDTV - 3D-ready  (CES 1/08)

  • Series 4 flat-panel plasma HDTV - first 3D-ready, flat-panel HDTV


Sharp Prototype LCD TVs  (CES 1/08)

  • 52" screen size, 2 cm thickness  (main display section; 2.9 cm at the thickest part)
        contrast ratio 3,000:1, power consumption half today's LCD TVs

Sharp AQUOS Net  (CES 1/08)

  • Internet content and remote diagnostics for AQUOS LCD TVs
  • Customized Web-based content 
  • Configure "widgets"  - full screen or split-screen
        WeatherBug, NASDAQ stocks, uclick comic strip, GalleryPlayer,
  • Real-time customer support - advisors connect remotely to TV to adjust settings and optimize picture quality 
  • Access information - FAQs on HDMI , HDTV, user manual, What's New
  • PLC (Powerline Communication) adapters utilizing existing electrical wiring


Sony (CES 1/09)

BRAVIA Internet Widgets - BRAVIA LCD HDTVs
  • Rich Internet applications, on-screen, Enabled by Yahoo! Widget Engine
  • Real-time information, including weather, stock updates, financial news
  • Streaming video via BRAVIA Internet Video Link, Yahoo! video, Flickr images
Sony BRAVIA Internet Video Link
  • Large selections of free and premium movies, TV shows, sports, music
  • Partners include Amazon Video on Demand, YouTube, Yahoo!, Slacker 
New Models
  • Sony XBR9 and Z-series TVs - DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) compatible with Ethernet connection 
        Directly access Sony BRAVIA Internet Video Link
  • Sony KDL Full HD 1920 x 1080 progressive (1080p) TVs
        52-inch KDL-52XBR9, 46-inch KDL-46XBR9, 40-inch KDL-40XBR9 TVs
        Wide color gamut cold cathode fluorescent backlight (WCG-CCFL)
        For broader color palette, more natural or "life-like" colors
  • Sony XBR9 - Motionflow 240Hz technology 
        Crisp and detailed images, for fast motion sports and movie action scenes
        Quadruples frame rate of conventional LCD televisions, interpolates three new frames
  • PR 1/09 -
  • First green line of Eco BRAVIA televisions in U.S., VE5-series (models KDL-52VE5, KDL-46VE5 and KDL-40VE5) 
        Reduce power consumption more than 40% compared to Sony's other LCD TVs
        Exceed Energy Star 3.0 requirements

Westinghouse Digital


Westinghouse Digital - TX Full 1080p (11/07)

  • end 07 - Westinghouse Digital TX Series -- full 1080p LCD HDTVs 
  • Connectors include four HDMI, two Component, plus Composite, S-Video, and VGA.
  • 42 inch - 42.2 x 27.0 inches square, 5.5 inches thick, 61.1 pounds (without base)
  • From 42 inch (estimated retail $1,399) to 52 inch for $2,499

Also TV/DVD combo models with an integrated HDTV tuner and front slot-load DVD/CD player



Sony XEL-1 11" OLED TV  (CES 1/08)


  • 11" XEL-1, about 3 millimeters thin
  • First Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) TV in U.S.
  • OLED technology turns light emitted from the organic materials layer on/off when electric current applied
  • Rapid response times for smooth motion
  • Light-emitting structure prevents light emission when reproducing shades of black
        very deep blacks, contrast ratio over 1,000,000:1
  • No backlight or separate light source - extremely low power levels
        up to 40% more efficient per panel inch compared with aconventional 20-inch LCD panel
  • Introduced 1/08 - $2500


Video Projectors

Optoma - Pico Pocket Projectors -- DLP

  • Compact projector - based on the DLP Pico chipset
        View video and images from personal media players (including iPod), 
        mobile phones, PDAs, cameras and gaming devices

Optoma - PK-102 Pico Pocket Projector (09)

  • Resolution: Native HVGA (480 x 320)
  • Contrast Ratio 2000:1
  • Throw Ratio 1.9:1 (Distance/Width)
  • Projection Distance to 8 1/2 feet - 10” to 102” (0.25 to 2.6m), Image Size (Diagonal) 6” to 60” (0.15 to 1.5m)
  • 4 GB internal memory – store 6000 pictures or 8 hours of video.
  • Video format: XVid (converted Using Optoma Pico Video Encoder), Image formats: JPEG, BMP
  • 4.17 x 2 x 0.67 in. (51 x 17 x 106 mm), 4.4 oz (124g) with battery
  • ~ 11/09 - list $249

Find the Optoma PK-102 Pico Pocket Projector on


Optoma - PK-101 Pico Pocket Projector (~ 12/08)

  • DLP, LED Light, Estimated 20,000 Hours, Contrast Ratio 1000:1
  • AV Input: 2.5mm jack, AV Input (Composite Video and Stereo Audio-In); PAL\NTSC (576i\480)
  • Proj Distance: 10 to 102 in. (0.25 to 2.6m), Image Size 6 to 60 in. (0.15 to 1.5m) 
        Throw Ratio 1.9:1 (Distance/Width), manual focus
  • Audio: One 0.5-watt speaker
  • Tripod adaptor for standard tripod mount
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery (3.7V, 1100 mAh), Up to 1.5 -> 2 hours
        Recharge battery via Mini USB or included AC power adaptor
  • Standard Accessories: Power adaptor, USB Cable, Tripod adaptor, (2) Batteries, 
        Standard A/V cable (RCA to Mini-Jack), iPod Kit with Dock connector (US only), Bag
  • Optional Accessories: 2.5 to 3.5mm Cable for Nokia Phones
  • 4.06 x 1.97 x 0.59 in. (50 x 15 x 103 mm), 4 oz (114g) with battery
  • PR 6/08 - Optoma Introduces Pico Projector -
  • ~ 11/09 - list $229; Due 12/08, $399

Find the Optoma PK-101 Pico Pocket Projector on



3M - MPro110 Micro Projector  (10/08)


  • Mobile digital projector - The size of a handheld digital camera
        Display from laptop computer, DVD or MP3 player, handheld video game
        Projects up to 6 feet, 50-inch image, still or video with VGA resolution
  • 10/08 - $359 SRP
  • Imager: 640 x 480 (3:4), LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon) electronic imager, proprietary 3M optics
  • LED light source, 10,000 hours, quiet, no need for fan or replacement bulbs
        3M engine brightness 10 lumens, 7 to 9 lumens when integrated into MPro110
  • No speckle, high-fill factor allows for great image quality
  • Input: Video in (RCA cable included and adapter), and VGA (cable included)
        NTSC, PAL; VGA, SVGA, XGA [WXGA (1280 x 768)?]
  • Projects 12 to 71 in. (1 - 6 ft.) - manual focus wheel
        Image size: 6 - 50 in. diagonal (6.4 to 38.4 in. wide)
  • Lithium Ion battery (40-60 minute battery life) or AC adapter
  • 4 1/2 x 1 31/32 x 7/8 in., 5.6 oz.
Find the 3M MPro110 MicroProjector on