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Ulimate Ears Goes MEGABOOM

The Ulimate Ears BOOM wireless speaker (see earlier post) was a big hit at my Holiday Gadget presentations this season, demonstating clear and clean sound even in large rooms.

But there's more -- the new UE MEGABOOM boosts the sound to fill multiple rooms, and doubles the Bluetooth range to 100 feet (30 m) so you can keep playing and listening even as you wander to different rooms or even upstairs.

The MEGABOOM has the same basic design as the BOOM -- a cylinder radiating 360 degree sound. It's bigger and heavier, growing from around 2 1/2 x 7 inches to 3 1/3 x 9 inches, and in weight from 19 to 21 ounces (still under 2 pounds).

The MEGABOOM also steps up its two drivers from 1.5" to 2", with two 2" x 4" passive radiators, boosting the maximum sound level from 88 to 90 dBA and extending the lower frequency range from 90 to 65 Hz.

The other advantage of the larger size is a bigger battery, so the MEGABOOM can run for 20 hours (up from 15) -- and yet it also charges faster (in 2 1/2 vs. 3 1/2 hours).

Both BOOMs are rugged enough for outdoor use, shock-resistant, and constructed from a water resistant acoustic skin, with an IPX7 rating for resistance to exposure to rain, snow or splashes of water.

To play from your smartphone or tablet or even laptop, you can pair up to 8 Bluetooth devices, and connect up to two source devices at the same time (or use NFC with Android).

And they support a Double Up mode to use two speakers (BOOMs and/or MEGABOOMs) to play in stereo or to double the sound.

Download the app to control Double Up mode, customize the sound with a 5-band equalizer, or enable a musical alarm.

The UE MEGABOOM is priced at $299 (vs $199 for the BOOM), and is available in black, red, blue, and plum.

Find the Ulimate Ears BOOMon Amazon.com

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This entry posted on March 10, 2015.

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