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Kingston microSD Mobility Kit

Portable storage devices are quite useful for, of course, storage -- to carry along your collections of data files and playable media. And they're also rather useful for sharing -- both for allowing others to access and enjoy your collections, and for simply transferring some files between different devices.

You can share and transfer using wireless networking -- by e-mail if needed, or via a local wireless bridge device (see earlier post) -- but sometimes using plain old-fashioned physical media is the simplest and most reliable approach.

However, physical media comes in different form factors and uses different connections, depending on your device -- tiny microSD cards for pocket devices including smartphones and tablets (except the iPhone and iPad with no memory card slot), larger SD cards for more substantial cameras and camcorders, and USB sticks for laptops and computers. So you'll need to carry three different types of storage media, which don't transfer cleanly between different devices.

A better answer is to take advantage of the small size of the microSD card as a common storage media, and then use adapters to fit it into the SD card and USB stick formats -- as in the Kingston microSD Mobility Kit.

The Mobility Kit includes a microSDHC card, a SDHC card adapter with write protect switch, and a USB adapter / reader with keychain. [SDHC is the higher capacity SD, and backward compatible with regular SD.]

You get your choice of capacity -- 4, 8, 16, or 32 GB -- and two options for performance -- Class 4 or 10. [The High-Speed Class Rating number specifies the minimum data transfer rate in megabytes per second, so Class 10 offers up to 10 MB/s. The speed you need depends on your device -- a video camcorder recording HD video requires much higher throughput than a smartphone copying some data files.]

Even better, storage is ridiculously inexpensive these days -- You can get the Kingston Mobility Kit with a 32 GB card and the two adapters for around $23 (street), and the faster Class 10 version for around $32.

So now you can carry massive amounts of storage for your digital files on microSD (32 GB is double the capacity of the iPhone 4S, for example), plus use the Mobility Kit adapters to share between your devices and with friends and colleagues. It's a simple and straight-forward solution.

Find the Kingston microSD Mobility Kit (Class 10) and Mobility Kit (Class 4) on Amazon.com

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