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Lifeproof Screenless Tough Cases

Lifeproof has updated its line of protective cases (see earlier post) by bringing its screenless design to smartphones.

The idea with the nüüd case design, as with the iPad tablet case, is to not use a screen cover, but to still wrap the rest of the device.

By sealing from from the edges of the screen, the case is fully protective -- water proof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof.

This design depends on the toughness of today's screens to handle the wear of daily usage. But you get direct touch access to the device's screen, with no visual interference or glare.

There still can be a need for the original frē case if you're in rougher environments, since it includes a screen protector to take the scratches and gouges that would otherwise reach the glass of the screen.

Lifeproof has the original frē cases available for smartphones to the iPad mini, including the iPhone 5 & 4/4S, iPod Touch gen 4, and Galaxy SIII. The screenless nüüd design is available for the iPad and now the iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII.

Prices range from $79 / $89 for the iPhone 5 frē and nüüd, to $99 for iPad mini frē, to $129 for the iPad nüüd. Many of these are available in at least back and white, and the iPhone 5 frē is now available in a range of some 10 bright and subdued colors, depending on whether you want to stand out or blend in.

There are also a variety of accessories for supporting your device during strenuous activities, including a belt clip, armband, car mount, bike mount, and the Lifejacket floating outer case.

These are stellar protective cases that are still impressively thin and light. I've used them successfully on the east coast in rain and snow and along the beach, and out west in heat and dirt and dust. Then in normal use, they don't get in the way by adding substantial bulk or distance from the touchscreen.

The result is a strong level of comfort that you don't have to worry about your device when you have other things to be doing.

Find the Lifeproof Cases for iPhone 5 and iPad on Amazon.com

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