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G-Form Extreme Cases for iPhone / iPad

You know those flexible turtle-shell-like pads that bikers and skateboarders wear to protect their knees and elbows from the ravages of extreme sports? So, if they are good enough to shield your skin and bones, wouldn't they be good for protecting your electric devices?

This is what the G-Form Extreme line of cases has done, extending from body guards to protective sleeves and portfolios for the iPhone and iPad.

The G-Form material is designed to stiffen on impact, and absorb over 90% of the energy when you (or your device) take a hit. Yet it's soft and flexible, so it can flex with your body or conform to your phone or tablet.

To prove the point, G-Form has a collection of ridiculous videos for you to enjoy, including an iPhone surviving a hockey slap-shot, and iPad surviving a hit from a bowling ball, and,if you want a more extreme test, an iPad surviving a 100,000 foot fall from a balloon at edge of the atmosphere.

For sporting, G-Form offers a collection of body pads starting at around $49 up to full shirts and shorts ranging to $99.

And for your electronic gear, there's the iPhone case for $39, and the Extreme back wrap Edge, zippered Sleeve, and folding Portfolio for tablets ranging from the Kindle starting at $34 to the iPad and other 10" tablets up to $89.

These should make you more comfortable when transporting your devices in less gentle conditions, although it's still not a good idea to go around deliberately dropping them.

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