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iCat Lanyards for iPhone / iPod

If you use your iPhone a lot, you want it to be easily accessible -- like parked in a front pocket instead of buried in your pants pocket or in a bag. But keeping your phone within easy reach also exposes it to the risk of damage from slipping out when you're not looking.

The iCat Lanyards for iPhone and iPod use a clever design that lets you hang your device securely around your neck or wrist or on your belt so it's close at hand.

The simple idea is to take advantage of the standard Apple connector. You already have experience with how some connectors hold very tight and need to be pressed to release, while others are very loose. The iCat products simply clamp extra tight within the metal edges of the connector on your phone or player, so your device can hang securely.

You can choose from a variety of iCat designs with detachable buckles and in a profusion of colors for around $24, including the Wrist It with adjustable slider, the Hang It with carabiner for belt loops, purses or backpacks, and the Neck It nylon rope lanyard.

And if you're still queasy about leaving your iPhone dangling, you can still use these as anchors to more safely secure your phone in a pocket or bag.

Find the iCat Lanyards on Amazon.com

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This entry posted on March 21, 2012.

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