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Toddy Gear Smart Cleaning Cloth

Icky-poo! Smudges and smears, fingers and grime on our beautiful touchscreen devices.

What to do? You don't want to just wipe them with your shirtsleeve, or put them in the washer.

There are nice microfiber cloths for cleaning lenses, but the Toddy Gear Smart Cloth line goes a couple steps further.

One side is a more coarse plush microfiber material to attack the grime, and the other is a smooth patterned silk microfiber for the final buffing.

Plus, the Toddy cloths have an antimicrobial coating to protect you and the cloth from the spread of those icky germs and bacteria. They're also machine washable.

These are available in a variety of vibrant designs and patterns, with 5x7" cloths for $9.99, and 9x9 for $14.99.

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Find the Toddy Gear Smart Cloth on Amazon.com

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