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Wrapsol Non-slip Grip Pad for Tablets

The Apple iPad is a wonderful tool -- Just turn it on and off you go.

But sometimes a full-size tablet can be tricky to get comfortable with, when you are leaning it on your legs, or trying to prop it up on a table. You can try various supports or stands, but sometimes the simplest solution also can be the most elegant.

In this case, the simple answer is the new Wrapsol Non-slip Grip Pad, an elongated oval of gripping material that you can attach to the back of your iPad for a more secure hold.

The micro-textured material then holds your tablet in place, so it won't slip on your legs, and stays in place when positioned on slanted surfaces.

The Grip Pad is $14.95 for the iPad and other large tablets (8.25 x 3.75 inches), or you can trim it to fit other devices.

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