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Sound ID 400 Bluetooth Headset with Remote Microphone

If you don't have a Bluetooth wireless headset for your cell phone, or have not checked out the new products lately, they are definitely worth a look. The noise reduction technology has improved, so you can have intelligible conversations even in difficult environments. And the design has improved to be less obtrusive and more comfortable, doing away with ear loops hanging over your ear in favor of earpieces with an integrated loop that nestles in the folds of your outer ear.

I've recently covered new products from perennial Bluetooth manufacturers Aliph / Jawbone, Jabra, and Plantronics (see previous post). And it's also fun to see innovative product and design ideas from other companies.

For example, Sound ID has been expanding its line of Bluetooth headsets. The new Sound ID 400 Headset adds more custom features, and integrates with the separate Sound ID Remote Microphone to provide a remote audio feed.

The design of the Sound ID 400 Headset is very clean -- slim and light (under (0.28 ounces).

The back body has two small buttons, at the end (for power and call functions), and on the side (for volume and advanced modes). It includes three sizes of earpieces with loops, plus an optional ear hook.

The separate Sound ID Remote Microphone is the same size and shape, but designed as a clip-on device to boost the sound during a conversation, or from a sound source across the room. The Bluetooth connection works up to 30 feet line of sight, or less though ceilings and walls.

The Remote Mic is designed to work with the Sound ID 400, and pairs automatically using Bluetooth. The Sound ID 400 headset supports two Bluetooth-enabled devices, so you can listen using the Remote Microphone and then pick up an incoming call on your phone.

For noise reduction, the Sound ID 400 headset has NoiseNavigation technology using multiple microphones to remove background and wind noise while enhancing speech intelligibility at both ends of the conversation, along with automatic volume control. Then it adds PersonalSound modes to customize the enhancement -- normal, moderate, strong, or turned off (so you can see how well it is working).

Between calls, if the earpiece is blocking the outside sound too much, there's a new Environmental Mode that passes through the outside sound (you can clearly hear it operating from the background hiss and amplified sounds).

Both devices charge using a standard microUSB connector. The Headset provides up to 7 hours of talk time, or 8 days on standby. The Remote Microphone provides up to 10 hours of talk time.

The Sound ID 400 Bluetooth Headset is now available for $129, and the Sound ID Remote Microphone is $79.

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This entry posted on December 21, 2009.

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