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novero TheFirstOne Bluetooth Headset

In comparison to the low-profile design of the Sound ID 400 (see previous post), the novero TheFirstOne Bluetooth headset is designed as a "premium earpiece," with a "stylish sleek shape and white facade, brushed with subtle silver accents."

And TheFirstOne comes with a really complete set of accessories in the box. On the desktop, there's a microUSB charging cable and AC USB wall charger, plus the plastic holder in the top of the package converts into a Desk stand. For the car, there's a DC USB Car cigarette charger and a Car holder / cradle with USB connector to attach to your dashboard. Plus, to help you to carry around the headset when not in use, the product includes both a Neck cord / necklace and a Wearable clip, each with slots that secure the earpiece post.

TheFirstOne's design is a little shorter and chubbier than the Sound ID, with a fixed earpost and selection of narrow earpieces with and without loops. The outside face has a large multi-function button, and the side has a volume control with up and down adjustments. The LED lights provide extensive feedback though different colors and blinking patterns.

The technology includes noise cancellation with dual microphones. The headset has a talk time up to 4.5 hours, and stand-by over 100 hours.

To get you started, the inside of the packaging has illustrations showing basic use of the headset and accessories. However, there's no printed manual -- the User Guide is supplied on a mini CD, or you can download it online (PDF).

novero was formed through a buyout from Nokia, with a business in automotive wireless systems. TheFirstOne is novero’s first consumer product, priced at $149. Other novero products in development include TheTrustyOne Bluetooth car kit, TheTrulyOne Bluetooth car display kit, and TheTalkieOne Bluetooth speakerphone

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