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Belkin Micra Cases for iPod nano

You love your iPod nano -- the style, the size, and especially the vibrant colors. You'd like to protect it from dirt and scratches, but don't like the idea of bulking it up with a traditional case and covering the beautiful design.

So check out the Belkin Micra nano cases. These are based on a clear, thin, and tough polycarbonate protective sleeve that snaps over the back of the nano, plus a separate plastic overlay to protect the screen. The front of the iPod therefore is not covered, so you have complete access to the controls and connectors.

Of course, these cases aren't totally clear -- they have subtle graphical details to enhance your nano -- instead of covering it up. The Belkin Micro cases for the nano are available in four styles, each for $19.99:

- Micra Glam is clear with a subtle pattern of sparkles that twinkle when you move the case in the light.

- Micra Dusk has a smoky charcoal tint that darkens the nano's color, for example shifting the purple nano into an eggplant tone.

- Micra Flow has gentle curves, representing a sound wave to suggest motion.

- Micra Chex has a diagonal checkerboard pattern with translucent white squares.

So you can protect your iPod nano while keeping the compact size and beauty, and even add a fun subtle accent.

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