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LaCie Design: Hubs and Flat Cables

I've used LaCie external hard drives and storage devices for many years, based on functionality, performance, and a flair for design (see previous posts).

That same emphasis on design comes though in LaCie's line of interesting and fun accessories.

For example, the LaCie USB / FireWire Hubs have a distinctive design with polycarbonate round shape, glossy white finish, a variety of flexible cables for sharing connections and/or charging your portable devices.

The USB & FireWire Hub even includes a USB fan and light ($79 USB 2.0, $89 USB & FireWire).

And the LaCie Flat Cables are easy to coil up and carry without tangling, with bright colors -- and even come with 24 adhesive labels preprinted for common uses.

The line includes seven different interfaces: eSata (yellow, $12.99), FireWire 400/800 (orange, $12.99), and USB A/B/Mini (blue, $9.99), each around four feet.

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Find the LaCie Hub and LaCie Flat Cables on Amazon.com

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