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LaCie Data/Share: Dual USB Card Reader / Storage Drive

The march of progress in portable storage is creating interesting new problems -- Our growing collections of fingernail-sized memory cards with multi-gigabyte capacity challenge us to find convenient ways to access and carry all that digital data.

LaCie continues to bring interesting features and design to its new products (see previous post), such as the LaCie itsaKey / imaKey USB drives in the form of rugged metal keys for easy carrying (see previous post).

And now there's the LaCie Data/Share: a dual USB card reader / and USB storage drive for SD and microSD cards, for $9.90.

The Data/Share has two sides, two USB drives that nest together for carrying. The larger red side has a slot for a SD card, and the smaller white side has a slot for a microSD card. (The product also includes a microSD to SD card converter so you can use the smaller cards in both sides.)

You can use the Data/Share as a USB card reader -- just insert the card and plug in to your computer's USB port (the Data/Share has push/push connectors to fit cards securely and pop out easily). Or leave in the cards to use the Data/Share as a pair of USB storage drive -- perhaps one side with your private data, and the other with data to share.

The Data/Share is made of hard plastic with rounded edges, and is not so small as to be easily lost (2.76 x 1.38 x 0.51 inches). It supports higher-capacity SDHC and microSDHC cards.

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This entry posted on May 16, 2009.

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