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Nero Move it: Convert and Transfer Your Media Collection

We love our media -- music, photos, videos -- and we've got so much of it. We've got photos and video shot on digital cameras and cell phones. We have copies of some of these copied up to our PCs and laptops, along with music that we've ripped from CDs and miscellaneous other stuff we've received from friends over the Internet. And we've then uploaded and shared some of all this media to online communities like YouTube and MySpace.

But what if you want copies of some of our MySpace photos on your cell phone to show to friends, or your favorite music and videos on your Sony PSP for a trip, or a collection of stuff from different sources on your iPod? Now you're caught in a mess of format conversions, figuring out which formats are compatible with which devices, and which tool will convert and/or transfer the files where you want them.

Along with Nero 9 (see previous post), Nero has released a new application, Nero Move it, to attack this problem head-on. You plug in your devices, choose the source and destination, and it takes care of converting and transferring the files.

And Move it is a media organizer, so you can rip from CD, rename and categorize files, and preview clips. It collects your media files even across devices that you have unplugged, so it can convert media offline, and then sync later when the device is connected again.

The software is designed to be easily updated to support new devices. The current list includes lots of mobile phones (including the iPhone), iPods and a handful of other portable players, the HP iPAQ PDA, and Sony PSP game consoles.

However, while I was impressed by these applications when I saw them demonstrated last week, I'm currently having trouble installing them. According to Nero, the installer for Nero 9 has a known problem that makes it run very slow when installing from CD, and another problem which blocks the further installation of other Nero applications(!) After running into these, I'm now having problems cleaning up my system to get these to install. Nero is working on updates to resolve these problems.

Nero Move it is available for $49.99, or download for $39.99.

See press release (9/08) - Nero Launches Nero Move it

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