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Market Share for MP3 / Media Players

The NPD Group has released new market share numbers for portable MP3 / media players. The Apple iPod line continues to dominate the market at over 70%, and the SanDisk Sansa line remains a clear second at around 10%. Meanwhile, the Microsoft Zune gained one percentage point to 4%, as Creative declined further to 2%.

Company Q1 08 Q1 07 (Q2 06)
Apple (iPods) 71% 70% 75%
SanDisk (Sansa) 11% 10% 10%
Microsoft (Zune) 4% 3%  
Creative 2% 4% 5%

See further analysis from Wired.

Microsoft recently reported that it has sold 2 million Zune players since its launch in November 2006.

In comparison, Apple reported that it has sold 10.6 million iPods in the first quarter of 2008, and iPhone sales were 1.7 million.

See my Portable Media Players Gallery for details and comparisons of media players.

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This entry posted on May 14, 2008.

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