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Audio Accessories Trends

We're entranced by video -- sucked in to TV shows and movies and now short clips on YouTube -- but we're also seeing a flowing of music and audio -- with MP3 players and mobile phones and libraries of albums on our computers.

So here's some trends in audio accessories for your holiday consideration, with representative product lines that demonstrate these trends:

- High-performance surround-sound boards to deliver blow-out entertainment and gaming, with build-in sound mixing and enhancement.

Just what you needed to turn your PC into a high-def entertainment center.
(Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi)

- Noise-canceling headphones to isolate your ears from outside sounds with the padded earpieces, and then apply active noise cancellation technology to eliminate extraneous background noise.
(JVC HA-NC250 & Panasonic RP-HC500 noise-canceling headphones)

- Bluetooth headphones (including noise canceling) to enjoy your music wirelessly.
(Sony Bluetooth / Wireless Headphones)

- Bluetooth transmitter/receivers to share your music between portable devices, computers, and even hi-fi systems.
(Sony Bluetooth Transmitters / Receivers -- see previous post)

See my Portable Audio Accessories Gallery for details on audio headphones and accessories.

See full article: Trends in Audio Accessories: Surround sound, Noise reduction, Bluetooth

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This entry posted on October 31, 2007.

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