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Eye-Fi - Wi-Fi SD Memory Card

In these days of wireless communications, why are we still physically connecting digital cameras to access our photos? Tired of finding and connecting the proper USB cable, or chasing down a compatible memory card reader?

Your problems are solved, with the Eye-Fi Wi-Fi-enabled SD memory card ($99 for 2 GB). Just configure it on your PC or Mac to connect to your home network, and then plug it into your camera. Then whenever you store images on the card, and it's in range of your network, it will transfer the photos to a folder on your computer.

You just need to be running the Eye-Fi Manager software on your PC or Mac -- which then also can upload your images to a website.

UPDATE: The Eye-Fi card also can be set up to communicate directly over Wi-Fi to the Internet and the Eye-Fi server, which can then dispatch your photos to a variety of photo sharing sites. General FTP transfer is not supported (yet).

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This entry posted on October 31, 2007.

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