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Adobe Creative Suite 3

Adobe's Creative Suite 3 was just announced today -- March 27, 2007-- at the formal launch event in New York City.

This is a huge upgrade of the Adobe Creative product line, with design and development tools spanning the creative workflow -- to create, deliver, and play back -- across print, web, video, interactive and mobile.

Beyond the upgrades to all the Adobe (and now Macromedia) applications, the tools are even more tightly integrated, especially with extensive support for Flash design and export from Adobe's recent acquisition of Macromedia. CS3 also marks the return of the video Production tools to the Macintosh platform.

CS3 includes some 13 applications, bundled in 6 suites (Design, Web, and Production), plus 6 additional technology components:

New versions of the Adobe Design tools
- Photoshop CS3, Illustrator CS3, InDesign CS3 -- Plus new Photoshop CS3 Extended
New versions of the Adobe video Production tools
- After Effects CS3 Professional, Premiere Pro CS3, Encore CS3
- Plus new Soundbooth CS3 (replacing Audition)
- Plus new tools from the Serious Magic acquisition
- OnLocation CS3, Ultra CS3 (Windows only)
Plus integrated Web tools from the Macromedia acquisition
- Flash CS3 Professional, Dreamweaver CS3, Contribute CS3, Fireworks CS3
Plus Acrobat 8 Professional
Plus additional bundled technology components
- Adobe Bridge CS3, Adobe Acrobat Connect, Adobe Stock Photos
- Adobe Version Cue CS3, Adobe Device Central CS3, Adobe Dynamic Link

The Design and Web applications ship in April 2007, and the Production tools ship in the third quarter 2007.

For more, including a summary chart of the suites and applications, see the full article:
Adobe Creative Suite 3: Summary.

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This entry posted on March 27, 2007.

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