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Ballistic Explorer Protective Cases

Do you use a case for your smartphone? There are lots of options to personalize your device with fun designs, colors, styles, and materials. Or maybe you want a seriously protective case like the LifeProof line, to fully encase your device for rough use like climbing up mountains or canoeing down rapids (see earlier post).

But for normal life, I've been using the Ballistic line of protective cases. These offer a range of wrap-around protection with options for screen protection, and drop test certification to 6 feet or more, with models ranging from slim pocketable colors to the fully sealed Hard Core design.

The sweet spot for me, however, is designs like the older Every1 case for iPhone 5 and the Explorer case for iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S 6, which offer reinforced ballistic corners for drops, raised lips and corners to offset the screen, and a built-in screen protector.

The result is protection from everyday issues -- from keys in the pocket scratching the screen to exposure to sand and salt at the beach -- but in a design that still feels thin in the hand and fits easily in the pocket.

Unlike fully sealed models, these cases are still fully accessible -- You can open the rubber flaps to quickly plug in the power cable and/or a headset jack, and the sound and mic are open and clear.

The trade-off for the openings, of course, is that small particles of dust and dirt and even hairs can find their way into the case, so you'll need to open it up every month or so to wipe off the screen cover. Conveniently, the edge latches are easy to pop open and snap back closed.

The Ballistic line of protective cases includes models for Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony, and HTC devices, including phones and tablets. The Explorer case for iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S 6 is priced around $25 to $30, respectively.

These provide the right amount of protection for the knocks of everyday life.

Find the Ballistic Explorer case on Amazon.com

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