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PSiO Audio Visual Stimulation System

So, what the heck is the PSiO Audio Visual Stimulation System?

Well, you could describe it as a visor that flashes bright colored lights while you listen to music or motivational talks.

Or you could be more formal, and say that it's a kind of Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) system (see Wikipedia) that uses flashes of lights and pulses of tones to guide the brain into various states of brainwave activity.

Or PSiO describes the product as a pair of glasses with plug-in earbuds that displays colored and rhythmic light with synced audio -- for relaxation, simulation, recharging, and personal development.

The idea behind the flashing lights is to "over-stimulate" the mind -- to help stop the brain when it's caught in racing distracting thoughts, and let the mind relax. The relaxation then can have an energizing effect. Or, the relaxation can leave the mind open to suggestion, so PSiO also offers music tracks with personal development voice-overs.

Different tracks are designed to encourages specific brain wave patterns targeted to different goals, including energy (alpha waves), memory (theta), and sleep (beta to alpha to delta).

The PSiO product comes with some 11 sample tracks. You can buy a variety of additional tracks from $2 for music to $15 to $20 for personal development (available in French, English, and Spanish). The sessions last five to 30 minutes:

  • Music - Enlightened with colors
  • Meditation - and visualization
  • Relaxation - Joy of Life, Sleep, Stress, Dependencies, Weight
  • Performance - Concentration, Creativity, Memorization, Power Nap

You download new programs through USB, which also charges the glasses. (You can actually download arbitrary MP3 files, but they won't activate the colored lights.)

The glasses are controlled using a small mono display and buttons on one earpiece. You can skip through programs, and adjust the volume and brightness level.

And you will want to experiment -- The PSiO includes a tutorial track that explains the controls and has a couple samples of the music and voice-over sessions. But the first time you experience the bright flashing lights right in front of your eyes is rather disconcerting. PSiO recommends turning down the brightness level at first, and closing your eyes (as will naturally happen with relaxation programs).

The PSiO is available for $399, so you can experience pulsed stimulation for yourself, to sync your brainwaves and direct your mind.

Find the PSiO Stimulation System on Amazon.com

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