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Toast Etched Wood Covers for Smartphones and Tablets

It seems a contradictory combination -- covers for high-tech devices made of wood. But in this age of metal and glass and plastic, Toast has turned to natural materials with laser-etched designs on real wood veneers that protect and enhance your devices.

These wood covers provide a more secure grip from the texture of the grain, and protect the back of the case and camera lens from scratching.

Even better for those looking a custom and personalized look, the different woods -- including walnut, ash, and bamboo -- develop a unique patina over time in response to your handling.

Toast offers a variety of etched designs for the smartphone cases, plus you can add your own text in three point sizes. Some designs include cut-outs, including the bird on a branch or deer or skull eyes. Toast also can work with you to design custom covers.

The thin wood covers attach with a removable adhesive, so you can peel them off and reuse them without leaving any sticky residue.

Toast currently has covers for the iPhone 4 / 4S and 5, iPad 2, 3, 4, and mini, and Galaxy S3. Its designs including flat covers for iPhone backs, wraps that extend to the sides of the iPhone, and iPad covers that curve around the sides.

Plain smartphone covers are $25, and etched are $5 more, plus $5 more for custom text. iPad mini covers start at $35, and iPad at $45.

Toast products are made in Portland, Oregon. The idea began as a Kickstarter project in December 2011, created by industrial designer and furniture maker Matias Brecher who found a wonderful new application for his wood design skills.

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Find the Toast wood covers on Amazon.com

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This entry posted on February 12, 2013.

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