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Newer Tech NuTouch Gloves to Touch in the Cold

Baby it's cold outside -- But when you're wearing your mittens you can't control your iPhone or even answer a call. Today's touchscreens use capacitive screens, which detect your finger because your body is an electrical conductor.

But mittens and gloves are insulators, so the screen does not respond when you're wearing them. The answer, then, is to weave conductive tread into the fingers of your gloves.

For example, the Newer Tech NuTouch Gloves have conductive fiber woven into all ten fingertips -- and all around the finger, not just for the finger pad.

You then can freely use your touch screen devices in the cold, and tap, swipe, scroll, and type with the tip or side of any finger.

The NuTouch gloves are made from a soft cotton mix (52% cotton), and are relatively thin, so you also can use as liners with heavier gloves.

They're available in a charcoal color for $19.99 ($13 street), sized from small to extra large.

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Find the Newer Tech NuTouch Gloves on Amazon.com

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