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Energizer Flameless Candles

LED lighting has really taken over, from bright flashlights (see earlier post) to Christmas string lights. LED provides bright light without heat, uses less energy, and lasts longer.

Or LEDs can be dimmer and flickering, as in the new Energizer Flameless Candle line. These have integrated candle and holder, with 4-inch and 6-inch sizes, in the Glas rounded design and Edge more contemporary square look.

These provide a warm glow with a realistic flickering effect -- a gentle flicker, not anything dramatic -- with no flame, no soot, wax, or smoke.

The Flameless Candles are powered by three AA batteries, and last up to 300 hours, although there's an automatic timeout to turn off after 4 hours. The lights are hidden in the base, so there are no fake wicks or visible bulbs.

The Glas candles are available for around $17 in the 4-inch height, and $18 for the 6-inch.

See my Portable Power Accessories Gallery for more details.

    Find the Energizer Glas Flameless Candle on Amazon.com

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