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Cyber Clean Your Keyboards, and Other Icky Surfaces

Digital bits seem so pure and clean, but our electronic devices can get seriously icky from our sticky fingers -- Have you really looked at your PC keyboard or mobile phone keypad lately?

Enter Cyber Clean -- a sticky lime-green ball of goop that picks up all that crud that's encrusting your devices. It cleans on contact, squeezing into crevices to pick up dirt and dust, but doesn't leave a residue on your fingers, or migrate to other surfaces.

Cyber Clean is not a cleaning solvent; it's a viscous elastic compound that works sort of like you may remember Silly Putty in picking up dirt, except that you can keep on using it -- just fold over the material and the debris is microencapsulated into the material. (The package has a color reference square so you see when your batch has darkened enough from use and has reached its maximum absorption capacity.)

Cyber Clean is described as a Swiss formula that's non-toxic and biodegradable. It's available in home & office and automotive versions, in resealable foil zip bags for around $6, and in larger cups for $8 to $10, so you can deal with other nasty surfaces like telephones, appliances, remote controls, watches and jewelry.

Find the Cyber Clean Zip Bag and Home & Office Cup on Amazon.com.

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