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ezGear ezSpace UFO Surge Protector

Tired of cramming oversized power adaptor "bricks" into multi-outlet strips?

The ezGear ezSpace UFO is an elegant solution -- with sloped sides to handle 6 power adapters, and with room to get your fingers in to plug and unplug devices as needed.

It's also a surge protector, and has a power/reset switch nested underneath to protect from accidental power downs.

The ezSpace UFO (pictured) is $29.99 with surge protector (1050 Joules) and the power foot cable from the top.

The ezSpace UFO Green ($24.99 / $17.99 special) has a light switch on the top and the cord on a deeper base.

Plus a ezSpace Wall Mount UFO will be available soon.

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Find the ezSpace UFO on Amazon.com

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This entry posted on February 23, 2009.

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