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Web Video: Making It Great, Getting It Noticed

Web video can be stupid pet stunts shot in jerky camera phone video and playing in a tiny window . Or it can be much more, using the compelling power of video to connect with viewers to tell a story -- or send a message about your company or yourself.

Web Video: Making It Great, Getting It Noticed draws on Jennie Bourne's background in TV news production and editing to focus on bringing the power of well-produced video to the Web.

The first part of the book focuses on shooting high-quality video that will look good when it's shown on the web, with details about camera and audio settings, and shooting in specific environments like events and interviews.

Bourne then discusses two specific video styles: video blogs with your personal syle, and TV-style productions for storytelling.

Once you're done shooting, the next sections get your raw material to the Web: editing to convey your message, with advice on techniques for tighter editing and better storytelling, and then compressing and uploading to the Web, with information Web video hosting sites and choosing the best video formats and compression settings.

The final sections reaping the benefits of your work, with advice on getting your video noticed though networking and promotion to drive traffic, and then making it pay, though advertizing and by promoting yourself and your skills.

The chapters also include interesting interviews with Web video pioneers and suggested projects to get you started. The book ends with the two final projects that sum up Bourne's message: Identify and Target Your Audience -- and then Network!

So if you have something you want to say, and the creative urge to say it in video, then this book can help you do a better job -- first, by shooting a higher-quality video production designed for Web playback, and then by using the Web more effectively as a platform to spread your message.

Web Video: Making It Great, Getting It Noticed
    by Jennie Bourne with Dave Burstein
    Peachpit Press; August 15, 2008, 322 pages, ISBN 0321552962, $39.99 ($26 street)

See Jennie Bourne's WebVideoBook.tv companion site for sample footage, extended interviews, reviews, and tips for making better video.

See Peachpit for more information, including access through an electronic subscription at Safari Books Online.

    Find Web Video on Amazon.com

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