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SoundTech LightSnake Audio Cables

The SoundTech LightSnake audio cables are cool, and sensible. If you need to capture analog audio -- for example from a microphone, or a guitar or other instrument -- these are a "soundcard in a cable."

Just plug one end into your analog audio source, and the other into a USB port on your computer, and the cable delivers digital audio, using its embedded analog-to-digital converter. The audio is CD quality -- 16 bit, 48 / 44.1 KHz sampling rate, with audio signal boost. The cable is 10 feet, shielded, and as a bonus the ends glow green when it is connected, and flash when data is being transferred.

SoundTech has expanded its line of LightSnake cables -- there's an Instrument to USB Cable with 1/4" mono plug, a Microphone to USB Cable with XLR connector (though no phantom power draw from the USB port), plus MIDI, stereo RCA, and many more lighted cables.

These cables are also bundled in several interesting products:

- The SoundTech Podcasting Kit, includes a high-quality professional microphone, tripod microphone desk stand, the LightSnake XLR Microphone Cable, and Sony Acid XMC software with 1-year Acidplanet Prozone membership -- for $129.

- The SoundTech Vocal Trainer features Carry-A-Tune Technologies SingingCoach software to help singers of all levels to improve their abilities in the privacy of their own home. The kit also includes a professional microphone, tripod microphone desk stand, and the SoundTech LightSnake XLR Microphone cable -- for $89.

SoundTech also announced the Ediface Digital Guitar Interface, a pick-up and converter that attaches directly to a guitar and promises to deliver digital MIDI data, targeted for "early 2008."

See my Portable Audio Accessories Gallery for details and comparisons.

    Find the SoundTech LightSnake Instument Cable,
    and SoundTech Podcasting Kit on Amazon.com

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This entry posted on February 10, 2008.

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