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New Kingston USB Drives -- DataTraveler 110, HyperX, and Style

Portable storage is getting much more interesting, with USB "thumb" drives now reaching 8 and 16 GB, and even to 32 GB (see the Corsair line for around $229).

The Kingson Technology line of USB drives includes USB memory card readers, some combined with a flash drive, plus the family of DataTraveler USB flash drives that span mini sizes to raw speed to fun styles (see previous posts).

The DataTraveler Mini is a tiny drive that's not much bigger than a USB connector, and also includes Migo software to synchronize your personal workspace to run on public machines (1 GB around $12, to 4 GB $32).

The DataTraveler Mini Fun is a colorful mini drive in stackable blocks (1 GB $12, to 4 GB $37).

The new budget DataTraveler 110 drive has a capless design with a retractable USB connector (1 GB $12 to 8 GB $104).

For faster data transfer, the new ultrafast DataTraveler HyperX has zippy 30 MB/sec. read and 20 MB/sec. write times (2 GB $74 to 8 GB $266).

Or to keep track of your data, the new DataTraveler Style features side insert "skins" to identify and customize your drives (1 GB $19, to 8 GB $116).

See my Portable Storage Gallery for details and comparisons on memory cards, USB drives, and hard disk storage.

    Find the Kingston DataTraveler 110, DataTraveler HyperX
    and DataTraveler Style on Amazon.com

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This entry posted on February 16, 2008.

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