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CES 2008 Wrap-Ups

The party's over -- CES 2008 is over.

I've updated my CES 2008 Summary article with links to a variety of wrap-up articles and posts, including top 10 lists, best-of awards, and more video essays and photo updates from the event.

A few of my stand-outs:

Aliph Jawbone Trade-In Program

The Aliph Jawbone noise-canceling bluetooth headset was introduced with a splash last year at CES, and has garnered lots of fans for its noise-reduction technology (see previous post).

But Aliph returned this year with an even better blast -- the company set up a booth in the CES Concierge Center tent in front of the Convention Center and offered a free trade-in deal -- just turn in your old headset, and exchange it for a new Jawbone (street price $89).

See the results in the coverage at BoingBong and other blogs, and in the Aliph Flickr photo gallery.

Sony Rolly Dancing Music Player

The Sony Rolly is an egg-shaped music player with lights and wheels that dances to the music, and is futher animated by pop-out ends (press release).

Panasonic 150-inch Plasma Display

In the annual bragging rights competition for biggest flat-panel display, the prototype Panasonic 150-inch plasma display towered over the South Hall, as a substantial jump from its current 103-inch model (press release).


The prototype's screen size has an effective viewing area of 11 x 6 1/4 feet (3.31 x 1.87 m), and is equivalent to nine 50-inch displays. Its resolution is 8.84 million pixels (2,160 x 4,096) -- more than four times the full 1080p HD specification (1,080 x 1,920).

But even more than screen size, the focus this year was on thinner displays, with Panasonic, for example, demonstrating a prototype 50-inch plasma display that is 24.7 mm (less than one inch) thin (about one-fourth as thin as previous plasma TVs). It weighs only 22 kg (about half the weight of previous models).

Manifest Tech Site


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