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Merax One Shot Photo Studio

Shooting photos of small objects is tricky, for example for posting on auction websites -- Unless you have a photo studio available, you're always challenged to get good lighting, fighting shadows and glare, and struggling to position and stabilize the camera.

The Merax One Shot Photo Studio is a nice solution for photographing these kinds of items. It's a portable photo studio / light box for around $99 -- a 16 x 16 inch box of translucent white nylon walls that collapses into a slim carrying case.

The product includes the other pieces you need for a portable photo studio: two small lamps, a camera stand, reversible background cloth, and software for background removal and editing.

The high-output lamps with 6 inch stands can be handheld, or set them on the pop-out 4 inch retractable tripod legs to illuminate though the side walls while reducing shadows and glare.

Then position the camera stand, with a 10 to 17 inch adjustable pole, set on a heavy steel stand.

The product ships with minimal instructions, but it's really obvious and easy to unfold the walls and assemble the box -- the edges stick together with Velcro fasteners. The non-reflective background cloth hangs down for the back and floor (so there are no hard corners in the photo), and is reversible (white or blue).

The Merax Photo Studio product also includes ArcSoft PhotoStudio software for photo editing, with the Cut-It-Out plug-in for background removal -- just brush roughly over the foreground and background areas.

When you are done, just fold up the walls into the integrated protective case, around 17 x 17 inches. The front of the case even includes three pockets to store the lamps and camera stands. Then pick up the handle and move on to your next shot.

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This entry posted on December 22, 2007.

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