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Gallery: SanDisk Sansa View video player

SanDisk is comfortly settled in as the second largest seller of MP3 players in the United States, with a broad product line of flash-based Sansa media players. For music (plus display and FM radio), there's the Sansa Clip music player, fun Shaker with speaker and dual headphone jacks, and small-screen Express and c100 players.

Then for video and photo playback, the Sansa e200 adds a 1.8" color LCD. and at the CES conference in January, SanDisk pre-announced a new Sansa View product, with a 4” widescreen color display and integrated speaker.

Now SanDisk has retooled the product, and recently announced the redesigned Sansa View, to be available next month.

The new View has the same form factor as the e200 line, but a larger 2.4" color screen at 320x240 resolution. The View includes FM radio and voice recording, plus a MicroSD/SDHC expansion slot for up to 8 GB of additional storage.

It supports MP3, WMA (with DRM), and WAV audio; MPEG-4, H.264, and WMV video, and JPEG photos.

The View is priced at $149 for 8 GB of storage, $199 for 16 GB.

See my Portable Media Players Gallery for details on these products, with comparisons to previous generations and competitive products.

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