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Energizer Chargers: DUO / Dock & Go

Energizer has introduced some interesting new approaches for battery chargers.

The Energizer DUO USB Charger is powered through its attached USB cable, or with the included USB wall charger.

It's a bit large for travel use, and the prongs on the wall adapter do not retract. But it's a convenient option for easily charging from a spare USB port. There's even software you can download to monitor the charging process.

The top folds opens to charge two AA or AAA NiMH batteries, and the cord tucks in wrapped around the base. It charges AAA batteries in 2+ hours, 3.5+ for AA.
It's available in three colors, for $13.99 (including AAA 900 mAh NiMH batteries).

The Energizer Dock & Go Charger has a base charger unit with two pods that hold up to four batteries each.

Each pod holds 4 AA or AAA rechargeable NiMH batteries, with indicator lights for charging, in queue, and ready to go.

It charges one pod (up to 4 NiMH AA or AAA batteries) in under 3 hours, or both pods (8 AA or AAA) in under 6 hours.

The Energizer Dock & Go is $33.99 (including 4 AA 2500 mAh NIMH batteries).

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