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SmartSound Quicktracks for Adobe Premiere -- free!

SmartSound Software announced that it is giving away its Quicktracks for Adobe Premiere software as a free download for users of Adobe Premiere Pro and Premiere Elements (on Windows).

Quicktracks is a plug-in that works within the Premiere timeline to automatically compose royalty-free music soundtracks, adjusted to fit the exact length of your clips. You search the available music by style, intensity, and other attributes, select a variation within the selected score, and then generate the resulting soundtrack for your production. The resulting score not only fits your timeline, but also is composed with a clear musical beginning and ending.

The Quicktracks download includes ten royalty-free music scores, although SmartSound hopes that you then will be interested in purchasing some of its extensive music and sound libraries to generate different styles of audio for your productions. As a result, it also has put its entire collection of more than 90 Professional-Quality (44k) stereo music and sound effects libraries on sale for half price -- $49.95.

Once you get experience with Quicktracks, you may also be interested in stepping up to the full SmartSound SonicFire Pro, available for Windows and Mac starting at $199 with two music liberty discs, or as a $99 upgrade.

SonicFire Pro provides the ability to customize your soundtracks with the "Mood Mapping" feature. This works with multi-layer music libraries to allow you to orchestrate your music tracks with a multitrack mixing interface, tweaking the mix to fit the mood of your production.

For more on SonicFire Pro, see my article on Automated Soundtrack Creation with SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 4 and Sony Media Software Cinescore

SmartSound Quicktracks press release

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This entry posted on February 18, 2007.

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