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  How To Use Adobe Premiere 6.5

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Book Cover

How to Use Adobe Premiere 6.5
       by Douglas Dixon
       Que Publishing
       288 pages
       ISBN 0-7897-2826-5

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  About the Book


How to Use Adobe Premiere 6.5 is the fastest and easiest way to get started with Premiere, whether you are new to video editing or stepping up to Premiere's professional features from a consumer video editing tool. 

With straightforward step-by-step descriptions, and illustrated with color screenshots, this book gets you going right away and shows you how to effectively use Premiere to create and share your own polished video productions, with titles, transitions and special effects.

If you are a newcomer to video editing, you can use this book as a tutorial, as it describes each major feature in Premiere, step by step. If you are moving up to the full capabilities of Premiere, and as you get more experienced with video editing, you also can use this book as a quick reference to learn new features to create more interesting and polished productions

To make editing even easier, this book will show you how to use Premiere with a DV digital video camcorder to import, edit, and save your video in high-quality digital format. And to share your creations, it also shows you how to save your video productions, especially in streaming Web video formats to post on a Web site and share across the Internet.

From the Book

Sample chapters, plus expanded and updated information from the Appendices.

    Sample Page Layout (Image)

    Full Contents


    From Part 1: Premiere 6.x - Quick Tour

    From Part 8: DV Capture with Premiere 6.x

    Adobe Premiere / Video Editing Glossary

    plus: more PC Digital Video Articles


Contents Summary

See Full Book Contents


Part 1. Getting Started with Adobe Premiere
Part 2. Importing and Organizing Clips
Part 3. Assembling Clips Using the Storyboard and Timeline
Part 4. Adding Transitions Between Clips

Part 5. Exporting Clips and Projects
Part 6. Exporting to Video and Audio Formats
Part 7. Exporting to Web and DVD

Part 8. Capturing and Using DV
Part 9. Trimming and Reusing Clips
Part 10. Editing in the Timeline
Part 11. Editing in the Monitor Window

Part 12. Adding Titles
Part 13. Superimposing Images and Video Clips
Part 14. Mixing Audio Tracks
Part 15. Applying Audio and Video Effects
Part 16. Animating Clips in Motion