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Summary: Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 (11/2007)
    Enhancements and Visual Tour

    by Douglas Dixon

New Features Summary
Features and Enhancements
Visual Tour - Interface and Functions

See also the Nero 8 suite: Summary: Nero 8 Ultra Edition

A summary of the new Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 -- 
    Key new features and enhancements, plus a visual tour of the interface and applications.

New Features Summary

Roxio (the consumer brand of Sonic Solutions) regards Easy Media Creator 10 as a substantial upgrade its flagship suite of digital media applications, with the focus to "enable consumers to quickly and easily turn their photos, video and music into impressive multi-media projects that can be shared on CD, DVD, the Web, or a range of mobile devices." The idea is that it "provides all of the tools users need to express their digital lives."

Roxio also has released three lower-cost products with subsets of the applications and utilities in Easy Media Creator 10:
    Easy DVD Copy 4 Premier, Roxio MyDVD 10 Premier, and RecordNow Music Lab 10 / Premier.
    See Roxio Media Products for Discs, DVD, and Music

Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 was released in September 2007 for $99 (or less with rebates) --

EMC is also available as a Deluxe Suite bundled with a Dazzle USB audio/video capture device for $149.

Roxio press release -


The roots of the Easy Media Creator suite are still visible with Creator Classic for disc burning, plus the core media editing applications, Photo Suite, VideoWave, and MyDVD. EMC is particularly strong in these core applications, with clean looks and functions, good integration and consistency between applications, and strong help and on-line information. Also visit the Roxio MyMoments website for examples of how users can "make the most of their digital lives," with buying tips, step-by-step guides, and project examples (

See earlier article on Desktop Digital Media Trends 2007 -- with Roxio Easy Media Creator 9

Find related Sonic / Roxio articles in the Manifest Tech Blog

    Find Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 on

Features and Enhancements

    Key new features and enhancements in Roxio Easy Media Creator 10.

  • 3 step wizard to auto-edit a movie. Upload to YouTube in one click or burn to DVD
  • Capture and edit HD video and add surround sound playback
  • Record internet radio, batch convert files, backup your iPod
  • Enhance photos and video taken on mobile devices, use in projects with your other media
  • Certified for Windows Vista, and fully supports Windows XP

        EMC 10 Suite - Control Panel - Help and online Resources

Mobile Media Companion

  • Optimize mobile enjoyment of personal digital media content
  • New - Media Manager synchronizes media between desktop and portable devices
        such as Apple iPod, BlackBerry, Sony PSP
  • New - Mobile Phone Doctor corrects common photo problems from cell phone cameras
        Mobile PhotoFit optimizes digital photos for mobile device displays.
  • New - Copy audio, movies or TV shows from iPod to PC
  • New - Windows Vista desktop gadget - Convert audio and video to popular mobile formats

        Sync Portable Devices

Audio Mixing and Sharing

  • New - Batch Audio Converter automatically convert popular audio file types
  • New - Multi-CD Ripper copy CD collection in parallel from multiple optical drives
  • New - Capture Internet radio or any PC audio directly from your Windows Vista desktop
  • Improved - AutoMix dynamically generates playlist for CD, DVD, mobile player
  • Sound Editor now supports VST plug-ins for expanded audio effects and mixing
  • DVD Music Album, create 50-hour music DVDs with on-screen navigation 

Video Editing and Publishing

  • 3 step wizard lets you auto-edit your movie
  • 32-track timeline, batch video-segment removal, timeline markers
  • Automatic tools for correcting color or removing background noise
  • VideoWave timeline now supports up to 32 overlay, audio and text effect tracks
  • New - SmartSound soundtrack for movies and slideshows
        automatically create sound track from selected music, adjust to fit length of production
  • New - Upload finished project to YouTube with one click
  • New - menu styles, menu navigation capabilities, and a "Fit-to-Disc" auto encoding
  • New - CinePlayer playback of Dolby Digital EX 6.1 surround, Pro Logic, Dolby Headphone

Burn and Copy - Data Protection

  • New - Automatically catalogs CD / DVD discs and contents, even when discs not in drive
  • Wide range of backup devices and media
  • New - Burn to single and dual-layer Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD
  • Archive non-protected iPod music and video files to any PC
  • Protect only files changed since last known backup
  • Automatically prompt to archive data when external Hard Drive is connected

Windows Vista

  • Stunning new Aero user interface
  • Gadgets for Windows Vista, capture internet and PC audio streams
  • Convert media files for playback on popular mobile devices, iPhone or Microsoft Zune

        Vista A/V Converter Gadget


Visual Tour -- Interface and Features

    A visual tour of Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 interface elements and associated features.

The full EMC suite includes 12 major applications plus 18 additional utilities (mostly mini-assistants designed for specific focused tasks). 

These are listed below, grouped by major category (as in the Roxio Central control panel). Utilities are indented and prefixed by a dash.

Control Panel / Launcher

While you can launch the applications individually from the Start menu, it's easier to start with the Roxio Central control panel to choose the task that you want to perform. Some tasks like Copy Disc are built in; otherwise, the control panel will launch the appropriate application to perform the selected task.


Easy Media Creator 10 Suite    Roxio Central control panel

Media and Devices

Easy Media Creator centralizes the handling of all three digital media types (audio, images, video) into common applications for media organization and playback plus media import. You can then edit, enhance, convert, and share media files using the media-specific tools.

        Media Manager

Media Manager                  Organize and view media files, smart views & albums

CinePlayer                          DVD/VCD playback

- Media Import                   Record and copy images, audio, video, DVD titles



The central audio tool in EMC is Sound Editor, to record audio, apply effects, enhance, and convert formats (now with VST plug-ins). But the suite's real focus is working with music to create music discs, with Music Disc Creator to import tracks, clean and edit, add song information, and then export or burn music compilations -- plus assistants for focused tasks.

        Sound Editor

Sound Editor                      Record, apply effects, enhance, convert audio

        Music Disc Creator

Music Disc Creator          Import, clean/edit, add info, export / burn music compilations

- AutoMix                          Automatically create track lists with similar music

- DVD Music Assistant       Music on DVD Video, with menus and track lists, 25 hrs/1 layer

- Audio Converter             Convert formats, rename based on tags, transfer to portable devices

- Audio Tag Editor             Update audio tags, manually, or online music database

        LP and Tape Assistant

- Easy Audio Capture         assistant

- Multiple Audio CD Importer             assistant - Rip audio CD to portable device

- LP and Tape Assistant     Convert LPs and tapes - Record, Identify & Enhance, Output

- Rip Multiple CDs             Import and transfer digital audio in parallel from multiple optical drives



Working with photos in EMC starts with Photo Suite to repair, enhance, and share digital photos. Or use Multi Photo Enhance to edit a group of photos at once (resize, rotate, adjust, effects, convert).

Photo Suite                         Repair, enhance, share digital photos

        Photo Suite

- [Media Import]                (common media capture / import)

- Multi Photo Enhance        Edit batch of photos: resize, rotate, adjust, effects, convert

- Create Panoramas            Combine multiple overlapping photos

- Photo Email Assistant       Email individual photos or slideshows

- Photo Projects Assistant   Create personalized calendars, greeting cards, and more

- Slideshow Assistant          Create photo slide show with audio and transitions. 
                                                        Optionally send to VideoWave or MyDVD Express.


Video / DVD

Use VideoWave for extensive video editing, or use CineMagic to automatically generate a polished movie from video clips and photos. For more focused tasks, use Video Copy & Convert to copy entire DVDs, or to create video compilations to files, disc, and portable devices.


VideoWave                       Create video productions with video, photos, music

Video Copy & Convert     Copy entire DVD, or create compilation to files, disc, portable devices

- CineMagic                       Make auto movie from video clips and photos

- [Media Import]                (common media capture / import)


MyDVD                                Create DVD/[S]VCD projects

- MyDVD Express             Easily burn movies or slideshows to disc - menu style, background

- Plug and Burn                 Capture from DV tape direct to DVD disc



Basic disc copying is built in directly to the Roxio Central control panel .


Copy [built-in]                  Copy Disc, DVD movies, Create Disc Image, Burn Disc Image to Disc

Data and Backup

For disc burning and archiving, start with Creator Classic for archiving files to CD and DVD, plus spanning large projects across multiple discs. Then use Retrieve to browse and extract files from these archives, especially when split across multi-disc archives or encrypted. Use BackOnTrack for scheduled backups of selected files.

        Creator Classic

Creator Classic               Archive to CD, DVD, multiple discs

BackOnTrack                   Scheduled Backup selected files: location, date, type,

- Retrieve                           Retrieve files from Creator Classic backups, multi-disc, encrypted


EMC also includes additional disc and labeling tools.

        Disc Tools

- Disc Image Loader         Create and load emulated disc drives

Label Creator                     Make disc labels, inserts, sleeves, case covers

- Express Labeler              Labels, booklets, cases, insets, sleeves, etc.

Tools [built-in]                     Disc Information, Erase Disc, Finalize Disc, Load Disc Image,

                                                Disc Gallery (Index files, folders, audio on discs)