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Summary: Ulead DVD MovieFactory 6  (5/2007)

    by Douglas Dixon

DVD MovieFactory Product Components
DVD MovieFactory Walkthough

See also: Summary: Ulead VideoStudio 11

Ulead DVD MovieFactory 6 was released in February 2007, as the next generation of this simple and easy-to-use disc authoring tool, designed for consumers who want to get videos and photos from camcorders to disc (


Key new features include built-in "Edit Room" video editing tools. plus support for high-definition editing and burning, including HDV, DivX and AVCHD video, and burning to HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

For the new HD disc formats, author to DVD or HD DVD using the main DVD MovieFactory application, complete with menus and navigation, including burning HD DVD content to DVD discs using standard DVD burners.. Or burn clips to Blu-ray disc in BDAV format (playable video, but without menus), directly from HDV camcorders or from HD files.

DVD MovieFactory 6 is available in two versions:

- The base Ulead DVD MovieFactory 6 is for creating standard-definition DVDs, i.e., from DV and other standard-def video. It provides a quick path to nice-looking discs with built-in templates, plus the ability to personalize the menu design and navigation (US $49.95 retail).

- The enhanced Ulead DVD MovieFactory 6 Plus adds support for high-definition, with HD capture, editing, and burning to the new HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc formats ($79.99). It also adds disc utilities for copying discs, creating audio DVDs or CDs, and burning password-protected data discs.

        DVD MovieFactory 6

    Find Ulead DVD MovieFactory on

DVD MovieFactory Product Components

The base DVD MovieFactory product includes:

DVD MovieFactory 6.0 -- Capture, author, burn
DVD MovieFactory 6 Launcher -- Choose common disc tasks
DVD DiscRecorder 2.3 -- Data burning
Ulead QuickDrop 2.0 -- Drag and drop media and data burning
WinDVD 8 (trial version) -- Universal player

The Plus version adds:

New: BD (Blu-ray) DiscRecorder 2.7 -- Burn HD content to Blu-ray discs
Burn.Now 4.5 -- Data burning, on high-capacity HD discs
WinDVD 8 (Silver version) -- Universal player
DVD Copy 5 (Silver version) -- Disc copy, shrink

        Ulead QuickDrop

The DVD MovieFactory Launcher offers buttons for common tasks:

Video/Slideshow Disc, Audio Disc, Data Disc,
Import/Capture, Edit/Append Disc
Copy Disc, Disc Tools
Video Disc Recording
Direct-to-disc recording from video camera to DVD

        DMF Launcher

DVD MovieFactory Walkthough

Design for DVD, VCD, SVCD, and for HD DVD

Capture Video and Add Media

- Capture Video from DV, HDV, DVD, and hard disk camcorders
    analog devices and TV tuners
- Add Video from video files on hard disk
- Add Video from (unprotected) DVD
- Create Slideshow with photos and music
- New: Auto Subtitle Track - Automatically use file data as subtitle track
    video file name, date, time, and EXIF (photo) data and view as a
- New: Import and edit HD footage from AVCHD camcorders
- New: Convert downloaded DivX movies to DVDs

        Straight Capture to Disc

Edit Media

Edit Room -- New
- Create opening sequence with animated graphics and overlays
- Use Theme Template styles, then personalize
- Edit video clips on storyboard or timeline, with DVD chapter points
- Trim, auto-enhance, transition effects, titles, background music, voiceover narration

Join / Separate Video, Multi-Trim Video
- Precise editing to individual frames

Export Selected Clips
- Export clips directly in common video file formats
    MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DV, AVI, WMV(-HD), QuickTime

        Edit Room

Design Disc

Add/Edit Chapter / Edit Subtitle
- Add / adjust chapter points, subtitle tracks

Photo Slideshows
- Photos with background music, transitions
- Pan & Zoom effects, with keyframes
- ExpressFix photo correction and enhancement

Menu Editing
- Design from 4:3 and 16:9 widescreen menu templates
- Customize with moving menu backgrounds, titles, buttons and labels
- New: Button moving paths -- Animated text, buttons, decorative objects
- New: Distort menu objects -- Rotate and stretch buttons
- Menu transitions: In and out transitions from menu to video and back

Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound Audio -- New
- Transform conventional 2-channel stereo audio to 5.1 surround sound

        Select Menu Template

Preview & Burn

Preview & Burn
- Preview with full navigation controls, to check edits and menu behavior
- Burn direct to disc, or output to disk folder or disc image


Ulead DVD Movie Factory