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DVD Authoring Seminars - Abstracts and Downloads
    (Updated 5/2005)

    by Douglas Dixon


Abstracts of recent seminar presentations, with notes posted for downloading.
( Downloads are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format)

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Full List of Presentations

Contents -- DVD Authoring Seminars

Preserve Your Aging Videotapes to DVD   (Introductory)

We are collecting libraries of videotape to preserve the important moments of our lives, both personal and professional. Yet videotape is a transient analog medium that wears out and decays, and is also inconvenient to access. The tremendous growth of DVD offers a powerful alternative: archive your videos to digital format on DVD. With DVD, you can create a more permanent digital copy of your videos, and make perfect copies to share with others. And with DVD menus and random access, your videos are much easier to search and play.

This presentation reviews several options for transferring your videos to DVD: outsource to DVD conversion services, using set-top DVD recorders, and on personal computers with desktop DVD authoring software. Now you can unlock all those memories stored in your piles of old tapes, to enjoy and share now, and to preserve for the future.


Videotape and DVD
DVD Formats
    Recordable Formats, Compatibility
DVD Conversion Services
    YesVideo and HomeMovie.cpm
Set-Top DVD Recorders
    Pioneer, Philips, Panasonic
Desktop DVD Authoring
    Automated, Personal, Professional

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DVD Fundamentals / The DVD Revolution  (Intermed./Intro.)

DVD is the hottest consumer electronics product of the decade. Explore what is happening with DVD: as a format, in consumer products, and on computers. Understand
the different DVD formats, and how DVD is expanding into the future, including high definition.

    Download: DVD Fundamentals  (5/2005, 42 pp. -- PDF, 827 KB)


DVD Concept
    Convergence Media
Consumer DVD - On the set-top
    Players, Recorders
Prerecorded Formats
    DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, SACD, DualDisc
    Video CD, Super VCD
    Disc Sizes / Mathematics, Dual-Layer
Recordable Formats
    R/RW, RAM, Dash / Plus -- Compatibility
Desktop DVD - For computers
    Burners, Players
DVD Trends and Futures
    Re-Edit, Web DVD, WMV HD, Blu-ray / HD DVD, Next-Gen Authoring

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Desktop DVD Authoring Tools Workshop   (Intro./Intermed.)
    Consumer / Professional  (Sonic MyDVD to Adobe Encore DVD)

Get started creating DVDs quickly and easily with automated tools such as Sonic MyDVD and Ulead DVD MovieFactory. Preview step by step how to create good-looking DVDs, complete with chapter indexes and motion menus, titles and photo slideshows.

Then step up to more flexible DVD authoring tools with corporate tools such as Sonic DVDit and Adobe Encore DVD to create your own DVD designs. Learn how to create custom menus with dynamic navigation, and lay out clips with multiple audio tracks and subtitle overlays.

    Download: DVD Authoring Tools  (5/2005, 21 pp. -- PDF, 783 KB)


Disc Suites, Video Editing Tools
Personal / Automated DVD Authoring
    Capture - Layout - Burn, Direct to DVD, $30 - $100
    Apple iDVD, Sonic MyDVD, Ulead DVD MovieFactory
Corporate / Professional DVD Authoring
    More customized, $300, $500 - $700
    Apple DVD Studio Pro, Adobe Encore DVD
    Sonic DVDit / ReelDVD, Ulead DVD Workshop
"Hollywood" / Feature
    Commercial titles, hardware encoders, $10K's
    Sonic DVD Producer, Sonic Scenarist
Extended DVD: eDVD / WMV HD

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Professional / Corporate DVD Authoring Workshops  (Intermediate)

Learn how to create professional-quality DVDs using tools such as Adobe Encore DVD and Sonic Solutions DVD authoring tools.

    Download: DVD Technology - Seminar Notes  (5/2005, 23 pp. -- PDF, 62 KB)

- Sonic DVD Authoring Workshop

Learn how to create professional-quality DVDs using the Sonic Solutions DVD authoring tools, from corporate to high-end professional.

- Quickly author custom DVDs on the desktop with Sonic DVDit, including custom menus and navigation.

- Step up to professional DVD authoring with Sonic DVD Producer, including professional mastering and real-time encoding hardware.

- Author your HD content to DVD with Windows Media Video HD and Sonic DVD Producer HD.

- Enhance DVD titles with Sonic eDVD, adding weblinks to the Internet and on-disc bonus materials.

- Adobe Encore DVD Authoring Workshop

Harness the power of Adobe Encore DVD to design professional-looking DVDs, including direct integration with Photoshop CS.

Start with drag-and-drop editing and built-in templates to quickly create a disc from scratch. Then use the Photoshop integration to design custom menus, buttons, and styles. Go beyond the usual with custom navigation design, background transcoding, and project management.

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Next-Generation DVD: Blu-ray and HD DVD  (Intermediate)

Constrained by the 4.7 GB capacity of today's DVDs? Getting into high-definition video production with the new HDV format, and wondering how to actually deliver HD content? Hope is at hand with high-def DVD on blue-laser disc, promising capacities of 20+ GB on the street as early as the end of 2005.

However, just when you thought you had all the competing DVD formats figured out -- R / RW / RAM -- dash / plus -- and the new double-layer DL -- high-def DVD is also arriving with yet another format war to further confuse the picture, this time between Blu-ray and HD-DVD.

But why wait for new disc formats? Microsoft's Windows Media HD can deliver HD video at standard-definition rates today, playable on standard PCs. And the WM HD DVD format even can package HD productions on standard DVD discs, complete with a DVD-like interface. And other formats are using MPEG-4 in similar ways.

Confused yet? It gets worse -- These next-generation HD formats will require dramatic changes to today's DVD authoring tools and processes. These formats blow away the limitations of today's DVD specification, moving from basic menus and links to a fully programmable interface, requiring new authoring skills more like multimedia and Web programming.

    Download: Next-Generation High-Def DVD  (5/2005, 52 pp. -- PDF, 2493 KB)


The HD Problem
    Where's the Delivery Format?
New DVD Formats
    Layers and Sides: DualDisc, DL
Higher Density - HD DVD / Blu-ray
    Physical, Application
Better Compression - WMV HD DVD
    Sonic DVD Producer HD
Next-Gen Authoring

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