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2008 International CES Summary  (1/2008)
    Consumer Electronics Show

    by Douglas Dixon

        See also: CES 2007 Summary - last year

2008 International CES Summary

  • January 7-10, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Produced by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)
        more than 2,100 corporate members,
  • World's largest consumer technology tradeshow
  • Attendees: ~ 140,000 attendees, from 140+ countries,
  • Exhibition: ~ 2,900 exhibitors, 1.8 million net sq ft exhibit space
  • Conference: More than 200 conference sessions and 300 speakers
  • 07: CES 150K, Magic Intl. 115K, NAB 110K
  • Comdex over 200K, CONEXPO CON/AGG construction 135K, 2K exhibitors

        CES 2008 Exhibits: South Hall (CEA)


CES -- Tech Trends

Some trends and issues from CES that will be worked out over the new year include:

- Connected home: Purchased content is becoming less encumbered, with DRM-free MP3 downloads and managed transfers within the connected home. But do you want TV on your PC, and/or PC features on your TV -- with RSS feeds in pop-up windows? And who will control the box that bridges the two worlds, the cable company or Apple TV?

- Digital TV: Flat-screen TVs are hot with consumers, and have finally reached "Full HD" resolution. But there's still major improvements coming in size, design, picture quality, and connectivity -- as well as the new OLED displays. Or is the future actually in mobile TV on smaller screens?

- Mobile media: Portable media players add video and connectivity, while mobile phones add media and Internet playback, both overlapping further with features including Internet radio, streaming video, and Web access. And both do GPS, while GPS navigators add media and hands-free phone. Now you can watch TV while reading the live map, and talking on the phone.

- Cameras: The picture phone is becoming the dominant imaging device. But still cameras shoot better photos plus reasonable video, and video camcorders shoot HD video and great stills. We'll all be recording and recorded, especially as today's memory-based HD camcorders shrink to the size of a soda can.

- Portable storage: Storage outstrips Moore's Law, with continued re-doubling of capacity and shrinking size, with solid-state drives (SSD) starting to make sense for laptops. Yet sneakernet still lives, both for sharing, and for moving content within the home.

- Wireless: There's Wi-Fi and WiMAX to the home and neighborhood, wireless mobile Internet to the PC, wireless HD video to the TV, wireless USB to devices, and even wireless power for recharging. Or you can just network over the existing power line. Or a simple approach like Bluetooth can continue to develop to really enable computers, players, phones, and headsets to share phone calls, stereo music, and controls through the air.


CES Information and Links

CES Commentary

CES Wrap-Ups

CES Awards

CES Photos and Videos

        CES 2008: NBC Universal booth (CEA)

CES Press Releases

CES News Reports

CES Blog Coverage

CES Commentary


Las Vegas Summary

  • Visitors: 6.3 million convention and trade show delegates in 2006, $8.2 B non-gaming revenue
        goal 43 million visitors by 2009
  • Weddings: more than 120,000 marriage licenses issued annually
  • Conventions: More than 9.5 million square feet of convention and meeting space
        Las Vegas Convention Center 2M, Sands 1.8M, Mandalay Bay 1.5M
  • Construction: 133,000 guest rooms in 2006, 9.5 million sq ft convention and exhibit space 
        plan: 07: +467K sq ft, 137K rooms, 08: +1.3M sq ft, 145K rooms, 09: +360K sq ft, 161K rooms
        10: +1.2M sq ft = +3.4M sq ft, 169K rooms
  • LVCC (Wikipedia) - Opened on April 1959, 110,340 sq ft
        1998 expansion to 1.9 million sq ft; 2004 expansion added South Hall, 1.3 million sq ft 
  • Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority:

    Las Vegas Strip


CES - Exhibition Areas

CES / Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC)

  • 3.2 million sq ft facility, within short distance of more than 100,000 guest rooms
  • 2 million sq ft exhibit space, 144 meeting rooms (243,000 sq ft)
  • North Hall (409K sq ft)
        - In-vehicle technology (Mobile electronics) exhibits
        - Meeting rooms: Information technology (IT) and wireless communications
  • Central Plaza
        - Sponsored exhibits, NextGen Home Experience
  • Central Hall (623K sq ft)
        - Audio/video and digital imaging exhibits
  • South Hall (908K sq ft)
        - Ground level: Home systems, Home theater, Satellite systems
        - Upper level: Computer hardware and software, Digital imaging, Gaming
            Home networking, IT, Internet infrastructure / content, Wireless technology

        CES 2008: Venue map

CES / Sands Expo and Convention Center / The Venetian

  • Keynote addresses and conference sessions
  • Emerging technology, High-performance audio & home theater exhibits
  • 1.8 million square feet of combined meeting and event space
  • Sands adding 1 million sq ft - 2008

CES / Las Vegas Hilton


CES - Conference Program

CES / Presentations

  • Keynotes: Bill Gates / Microsoft , Toshihiro Sakamoto / Panasonic, Paul Otellini / Intel
        Brian Roberts / Comcast, Rick Wagoner / General Motors
  • Industry Insiders: Jerry Yang / Yahoo!, Kevin Martin / FCC

CES / Partner Programs

  • Digital Hollywood  
  • CES Game Power Conference  
  • CES Mobile Entertainment
  • CES Reinventing Advertising  
  • Billboard's Digital Music Live!
  • CEA-CompTIA Digital Home Technology Integrator+ (DHTI+) Certification Review Workshop
  • CES Government 2008   
  • CES Mobile Electronics / Installer Bootcamp  
  • Consumer Electronics Supply Chain Academy
  • Consumer Robotics Market Development Program
  • ESPA Certified - EST (Electronic Systems Technician) Training 
  • IEEE: International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE)
  • Overcoming the Challenges of Going Green  
  • P2P Media Summit LV
  • SMB Channel Business Development Program   
  • The Sandbox Summit: A Playdate with Technology  
  • Storage Visions 2008
  • THX Home Theater Training: THX Certified Technician I  
  • The Anywhere Consumer Experience Show


CES - Press Events

Press Showcases