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Kingston Card Readers and Hubs - SD to USB-C

SD cards are not just for smartphones and cameras and other portable devices (see previous post) -- They also can bridge your files between your portable devices and your computer.

Most portable devices write files to SD cards in formats that computers can read, so once you connect the card to a computer you then can immediately browse and copy the files. And some computers already have built-in SD card slots (which also can read microSD cards with a SD-sized adapter card).

Otherwise, you can use a card reader like the Kingston MobileLite G4 USB 3.0 Card Reader to plug in to a USB port on the computer and then insert cards to read.

The MobileLite G4 is small so it's easy to pack along with your laptop, with a rugged metallic design.

You can insert and access both a SD and a microSD card simultaneously, and transfer at USB 3.0 rates. The MobileLite G4 is available for around $11, so it's easy to always have with your computer.

But USB 3.0 is so old hat -- USB Type C is the new, better connector that is now being used on both laptops and on portable devices including smartphones and tablets.

For portable devices, USB-C is like microUSB, except that the connector is reversible -- so that you no longer need to fuss with plugging in a cable the right way around.

And for laptops, it's smaller than USB, and has the capacity to be used for power, disk data transfers, and even digital video displays.

The Kingston Nucleum USB-C Hub is a multiport adapter that showcases the flexibility of USB-C. This small and light device includes a built-in cable to plug in to your host laptop, and then provides 7 expansion ports:

  • USB-C power port - Pass-through power to the laptop so it can charge while the hub is in use
  • USB-C data port - Connect USB-C peripherals like a fast hard drive
  • 2 USB-A ports (USB 3.1) - Connect to peripherals including mouse, keyboard, or hard drive (also with power pass-through to charge the devices)
  • HDMI port - Display to an external monitor or projector (Up to 4K UHD or Full HD 1080p)
  • SD & microSD slots - Especially to directly ingest camera files / footage (SD/SDHC/SDXC UHS I-II)

That's power, high-speed data, additional peripherals, video out, and physical memory cards, all in one device, all for around $49. That's a lot fewer dongles required to connect up your laptop.

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