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AMD Ryzen Processors Have Multi-Processing Power For Video

AMD is back in high-performance processors! And that's good news for video editors.

At a New York event this week, AMD introduced an extension of if its impressive new AMD Ryzen processor line, extending from consumer products to the Ryzen PRO for commercial systems.

What does this mean for your next video editing system?

For example, AMD showed a live demonstration using Adobe Premiere Pro to transcode a 60 second H.264 clip from 4K to 720p. The transcode ran around 30 percent faster on the 16-thread Ryzen PRO 7 than on a comparable Intel Core i7 system with 8 threads (finishing in 73 seconds compared to 107 seconds).

The Ryzen processors are focused on multi-threading performance, so you can be working on multiple activities at the same time, or bring all the resources to bear on a big job like encoding video in parallel. The new AMD "Zen" microarchitecture offers more processing (up to 8 parallel cores and 16 co-processing threads), and more fast data access (up to 20MB L2+L3 low latency cache).

Dell, HP, and Lenovo also have announced new professional workstation systems based on Ryzen PRO chips: the Dell OptiPlex 5055, HP EliteDesk 705 G3, and Lenovo ThinkCenter M715.

As a result, the competition is heating up in high-performance processors, which means that you will have exciting new choices when you start to think about upgrading to a new video system, whether a high-end workstation or a mobile notebook.

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