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April 23, 2017

Sony Alpha 9 Full-Frame Interchangeable Lens Camera

Sony has announced the latest version of its Alpha line of digital cameras -- the α9 full-frame interchangeable lens camera for the the professional imaging market.

As a mirrorless electronic camera, the Alpha 9's technological advancements include:
- high-speed continuous shooting at up to 20 fps (for up to 362 JPEG or 241 RAW images),
- continuous AF/AE tracking at 60 calculations per second, and
- a maximum shutter speed of up to 1/32,000 second.

      Sony α9 full-frame interchangeable lens camera
      with Sony G Master FE 100-400mm super telephoto zoom lens

It also shoots silently, with a vibration free, fully electronic, completely silent anti-distortion shutter, with no noise from a mechanical mirror or shutter.

Plus the electronic viewfinder has no blackout when the shutter is released while shooting stills, providing a seamless live view of the subject at all times.

Sony also has added pro features including an Ethernet port for file transfer, dual SD card slots for split storage or backup, and extended (2X) battery life.

The Alpha 9 is relatively compact at 5 x 3 7/8 x 2 1/2 inches and 1 lb., 7.7 oz. It ships in May for about $4,500 US.

Sony also announced its furthest reaching E-mount lens, the Sony G Master FE 100-400mm super telephoto zoom lens.

The lens features a double motor system that allows rapid AF lens movement. It is lighter, smaller and more portable at 49.3 ounces. It will ship ship this July for about $2,500 US.

See full news post at Videomaker Magazine -- Sony Reveals New a9 Full Frame 4K Mirrorless Camera.

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