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FlyShark iLepo 2 Folding Keyboard

The Flyshark folding keyboard folds down the middle (between the "H" and "J" keys) into a pocket-sized package, compacting to around 5.1 x 3 x 0.5 in. and 5.5 oz.

The design has just four rows of letter keys, in the standard keyboard layout, with full-size, low-profile keys.

The original FlyShark folding keyboard was funded for $61,000 on Kickstarter in September 2014. A new updated FlyShark 2 keyboard then was funded for $40,000 on Kickstarter in October 2015.

The new FlyShark iLepo 2 (aka iLepo 365) is lighter, has a one-year battery life, and enhanced Bluetooth Smart technology. It's designed thin but strong with aircraft-grade aluminum.

The keyboard provides two dedicated function keys to access the number keys and other special characters and functions.

The FlyShark iLepo 2 is available in multiple colors, for around $40 to $70. It works with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers.

Find the FlyShark 2 Folding Keyboard on Amazon.com

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