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March 13, 2016

FlyShark iLepo 2 Folding Keyboard

The Flyshark folding keyboard folds down the middle (between the "H" and "J" keys) into a pocket-sized package, compacting to around 5.1 x 3 x 0.5 in. and 5.5 oz.

The design has just four rows of letter keys, in the standard keyboard layout, with full-size, low-profile keys.

The original FlyShark folding keyboard was funded for $61,000 on Kickstarter in September 2014. A new updated FlyShark 2 keyboard then was funded for $40,000 on Kickstarter in October 2015.

The new FlyShark iLepo 2 (aka iLepo 365) is lighter, has a one-year battery life, and enhanced Bluetooth Smart technology. It's designed thin but strong with aircraft-grade aluminum.

The keyboard provides two dedicated function keys to access the number keys and other special characters and functions.

The FlyShark iLepo 2 is available in multiple colors, for around $40 to $70. It works with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers.

Find the FlyShark 2 Folding Keyboard on Amazon.com

March 4, 2016

DJI Phantom 4 - Smarter Drone Does the Piloting for You

DJI has announced the Phantom 4, the next generation of its integrated drones for high-level aerial photography and cinematography, available soon for $1399.

The new Phantom uses real-time video processing to simplify the work required to pilot the drone while shooting a subject in motion:

  • The new Obstacle Sensing System uses a pair of forward-facing cameras to detect upcoming obstacles in order to avoid collisions
  • The new TapFly mode flies automatically in a direction that you tap on the app screen with clean and smooth motion.
  • The ActiveTrack mode automatically tracks a moving subject from a safe distance, again simply by tapping to select the subject on the app screen.

Plus, the Phantom 4 is redesigned for longer flight time (to 28 minutes) and faster speed (up to 44 mph).

The Phantom 4 is available now for pre-order from DJI and, interestingly, from Apple. Shipping starts March 15, with product exclusively available in Apple Stores through the end of March.

Meanwhile, the base previous-generation Phantom 3 Standard for beginner pilots is now only $499, and the Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional are $799 and $999 respectively, with high-def and 4K video, vision positioning (without GPS), and extended ranges.

See full article at Videomaker.com.

Find the DJI Phantom 3 on Amazon.com

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