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Digitsole Warm Series - Connected Heating Insole

As an example of the kind of ingenuity that can be enabled by crowdfunding, the Digitsole Warm Series is a new "connected heated insole."

If you're working outside in cold weather, just slide this replacement insole into your shoes and your feet now can be toasty warm, with the temperature remotely controlled from your smartphone over wireless Bluetooth.

Each insole has a thermostat to regulate the temperature in your shoe, from 20°C / 68°F to 45°C / 113°F. They also have an accelerometer to count steps as a pedometer to log your distance walked and calories burned.

The Warm Series are designed with a shock-absorbing heel, flexible front, arch support, and sidewalls for stability. They are made from PU Neotech, with the top a soft touch PU micro-fiber.

And they are designed to resist the hostile environment of your feet, with the electornics sealed in a bubble under your heel for weather resistance and shock resistance to 500 kg / 1100 pounds.

The battery provides power for 7 to 8 hours, depending on usage, and recharges in an hour and a half.

The Digitsole Warm Series Insole is availaable for $199, in US mens sizes 4 to 13 / woman 5.5 to 10, and EUR 36 to 47.

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Find the Digitsole Warm Series on Amazon.com

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This entry posted on December 19, 2015.

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