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SnapPower Night Light and USB Charger in an Outlet Cover Plate

SnapPower has a very clever and ridiculously simple approach to turn an electrical outlet into a handy night light or USB charger.

You don't need to mess around with the power, or replace and rewire the entire outlet. Instead, you just replace the outlet cover plate.

The SnapPower cover plates have prongs on each side that snap into place on each side of the outlet and draw power from the outlet screws. There's no fuss, and the electrical outlets are still free for use.

The SnapPower Guidelight turns your outlet cover plate into a night light.

It uses two LED lights that draw minimal power and should last 25++ years.

And it has a sensor that turns the lights off during the day.

The Guidelight is available for around $15 each, and in multi-packs, including $120 for a pack of 10.

The new SnapPower Charger turns your outlet cover plate into a USB charger.

It provides 1 Amp, comparable to the Apple iPhone 6 chargers.

It's rated to charge smartphones in 2 hours, and larger tablets and other 2.1 devices more slowly (iPad Air 2 in 7.5 hours).

The Charger is available for around $20 each, and in multi-packs, including $160 for a pack of 10.

These are available to match your decor in white, light almond, and ivory, and in Duplex (traditional 2-up rounded) and Decor (rectangular) designs.

Both SnapPower products were (very) successfully funded on Kickstarter, with the SnapPower Charger recently becoming available for purchase.

Find the SnapPower Guidelight on Amazon.com

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This entry posted on October 25, 2015.

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