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Adobe Premiere Elements 14

Adobe Premiere Elements 14 is another entry from the autumn collection of new releases of video editing tools (see previous post on CyberLink PowerDirector 14).

Adobe offers Premiere Elements bundled with the Photoshop Elements photo editor together for $149, or each separately for $99 -- on either Mac or Windows. These also include a separate Organizer tool to import, tag, and review all your media assets.

Adobe's approach to consumer-level video editing is focused on using technology to analyze your media in order to assist the editing process, not only in the editing process, but also in organizing your collections of media assets.

Premiere Elements 14

The big technology step in Premiere Elements 14 is full support for working with higher-res 4K video. It also adds motion titles so you can animate overlay text and graphics, assisted by built-in presets.

The Elements tools also include Guided Edits that step you through the process of performing commonly-desired but non-obvious operations. New such Guided Edits in Premere Elements include slow- and fast-motion effects, as well as color pop to highlight selected elements and deemphasize the rest of the scene into black and white.

Premere Elements also adds assistance during export, to recommend the best export settings for your movie.

Photoshop Elements 14

The coolest technology addition in Photoshop Elements is automated edge selection for fine details like hair and fur -- you only need to paint loosely over the edge region. It also adds shake removal to un-do blurring from an unsteady camera (think selfies), and haze removal for sharpening backgrounds in landscape shots.

Photoshop Elements now has 34 Guided Edits, including new assists for adding movement to action shots and resizing to fit a specific need. It also enhances the Quick Edit mode for quick fixes, and automatically recommends the five effects that should be most useful for each specific photo.

Elements Organizer

The Elements Organizer continues to add automated analysis to help you organize and categorize your media files, with enhanced support for finding content by people, places, and events. When looking for specific people, the face recognition is designed to identify individuals from childhood into later years. For finding media by places, Elements includes a zoomable map to group your photos and video based on where you shot them (if captured on a smartphone or camera with GPS). And Elements can group files shot at similar times and places so you can associate them with specific events.

The Elements approach provides a tremendous assist for organized people who can really leverage these tremendous automated assists. See for yourself by downloading the free 30-day trial version.

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