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Speck iGuy Kid-Friendly Protective Case

If you have smaller kids or grandchildren, you know that the tablet is today's version of Sesame Street on TV -- a great way to distract all that energy for a moment or two of peace, with the premise that you're providing an educational benefit for them.

Even toddlers can have a great time tapping (or stabbing) at symbols and colors, making music, or endlessly watching themselves in home videos.

Of course, while the TV remote control can be sacrificed to inquisitive fingers, it's not so cute watching kids run around with a several-hundred-dollar tablet.

So you might consider the Speck iGuy kid-friendly protective case for your iPad or iPad mini.

It's made from tough EVA foam, so it can handle bumps and drops while still being flexible and lightweight.

It's colorful and fun for kids, with soft arms on the sides that they can use to carry it around.

And to make you more comfortable, it has a deep frame to recess the screen away from danger. You still also may want to add a screen protector.

The Speck iGuy case is available in several bright colors for iPads and iPad minis starting at around $20.

Find the Speck iGuy case on Amazon.com

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This entry posted on December 30, 2014.

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