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Phiaton Chord MS 530 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

The Phiaton Chord MS 530 headphones are a high-end product that come loaded with features -- Bluetooth 4.0 wireless, voice microphone, and active noise cancelling.

The Chords start as sharp-looking on-ear headphones, part of the Phiaton Moderna Series, "known for its bold styling, modern aesthetics and world class sonic performance."

They have solid design at 0.64 pounds, with a metallic and black look plus red highlights. The side pieces are bent in and fold up for compact storage. The earpieces are flat and not cupped to cover the ears without surrounding them.

The sound is driven by 40mm drivers that have a titanium coating to enhance the sound quality.

Plus the Chords offer active noise cancelling, removing up to 98 percent of ambient background noise.

And they are wireless, using Bluetooth version 4.0 for improved sound quality, greater range, and extended battery life. They also support multipoint connections, simultaneously with two devices.

The headphones also include dual microphones for voice calls. These provide echo cancellation and noise suppression to help separate your voice from surrounding background noise.

They also come with a cable so you can use them on airplanes and in other non-wireless environments. The cable includes an inline remote control and mic.

The Chords charge through a microUSB connector, with an impressive battery life of up to 30 hours of talk or music time, or 18 hours with noise cancelling. Even better, they will contrinue to work passively with the cable even if the battery runs out, so you can continue listening to music or making phone calls.

The Phiaton Chord MS 530 headphones provide a cornucopia of sound, wirelessly, with the bonus of active noise cancelling, all with a sharp design. They're available for around $299.

Find the Phiaton Chord MS 530 Headphones on Amazon.com

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This entry posted on December 16, 2014.

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