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Holiday Gadgets 2014 - Wearables and Accessories

'Tis the season for Holiday Gadgets, and my annual coverage this year focuses on "wearables" -- fitness bands and smartwatches.

The industry is making big bets that 2015 will be the year of the smartwatch -- with the impending arrival of the Apple Watch ("Everything we think a watch should be"), the arrival of the new Microsoft Band for "fitness and productivity," continuing developments from Google Android Wear ("Information That Moves With You"), and the expanding line from Samsung Wearables, including the Samsung Gear S "watch phone."

So will you soon be moving from carrying your electronics to wearing them, and making phone calls through your wrist?

Maybe... It certainly is handy to be able to just glance at your watch to quickly check who is calling your phone, or to see a reminder of an appointment, or to skim an incoming text message. It's even better to realize that you'll never again be embarrassed by having your phone ring at a meeting. Now you can just keep your phone silenced, and stashed in your pocket or bag. Then when you feel a vibration on your wrist you can just casually glance at your watch to see what's happening, instead of rudely reaching in your pocket and fiddling with your phone.

My Holiday Gadgets coverage also includes wireless accessories, with wireless audio, wireless speakers, portable power, and other fun accessories for your portable devices.

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